Nemo’s Moonlite Elite: A Feather-Light Throne for the Avid Adventurer

Ultra-Light, Reclining Backpacking Chair Revolution

What do we crave when we escape the relentless humdrum of civilization, when we've traded the sterile glow of our computer screens for the unfettered splendor of the cosmos? We pine for the divine trinity of any satisfying wilderness sojourn – comfort, minimal weight, and compact portability. The wizards at Nemo seem to have perfected this trinity with their latest creation, the Moonlite Elite, a throne fit for the intrepid explorer who refuses to sacrifice comfort for practicality.

The outdoors, in its untamed majesty, seldom provides the ideal perch for appreciating its beauty. But that's where the Moonlite Elite stands out. Boasting a weight of just over one pound – or 18 ounces (526 grams) to be precise – it challenges the conventional categories of wilderness seating, offering a packability that rivals the likes of the 16-oz REI Flexlite Air or the 17-oz Helinox Chair Zero. Lighter than many minimalist stools or folded-cushion seats, it dares to rewrite the rules.

Yet, the marvel of the Moonlite Elite lies not in its featherweight design alone but also in its offering of reclining comfort, an unusual feature for something that packs down into a svelte 12.5 x 4 x 3 inches. With a system reminiscent of its predecessor, the original Moonlite, the Elite's reclining function employs a pulley system that encourages you to lean back and find that sweet spot where the earth and sky seem to meet. The hardware – a symphony of skeletal 6061 aluminum hubs and 2-mm high-tenacity polyester and Dyneema cords – is lightweight, slender, and inspired by the reliable technology of climbing belay devices.

But every dance with the elements has its price. For the Moonlite Elite, this translates to a reduced load-bearing capacity of 250 lbs (113 kg), down from its predecessor's 300-lb rating. However, this minor compromise is unlikely to deter the experienced wanderer who craves a marriage of convenience and comfort under the open sky.

The Moonlite Elite isn't merely a camping chair; it's a promise – a promise of comfort and relaxation even in the rugged lap of nature. It's for the hardened adventurer who savors solitude, for the bikepacker who carries her home on two wheels, for the rafter who seeks respite between battles with white-water rapids. But above all, it's for anyone who yearns for a comfortable seat at the end of the day's trek, someone who wants to sit back, recline, and contemplate the moonlit majesty of the great outdoors.

At a projected retail price of $179.95, the Moonlite Elite is undeniably a luxury item, perhaps not for the occasional weekend warrior but for those who often venture into the wild and understand the value of a good seat. So, the next time you plan an expedition, remember the Moonlite Elite, your reliable partner that promises to make the wilderness just a little more comfortable.


  1. Impressive Lightweight Design: At a mere 18 oz (526g), it's one of the lightest full-framed backpacking chairs on the market, making it ideal for long treks and outdoor adventures where every ounce matters.
  2. Compact Portability: It collapses into a small 12.5 x 4 x 3-inch package, ensuring easy packing and transportation, a feature invaluable for backpackers, cyclists, and rafters.
  3. Reclining Comfort: Unlike many ultra-lightweight chairs, the Moonlite Elite features a reclining function, adding a degree of relaxation and customization rarely found in similar products.
  4. Innovative Materials and Design: The chair's frame is composed of 7001 aluminum tubes, while the hubs are made from lighter, skeletal 6061 aluminum. The use of high-tenacity polyester and Dyneema cords for the reclining mechanism further contributes to its lightweight and durable design.


  1. Reduced Weight Capacity: The Moonlite Elite can only hold up to 250 lbs (113 kg), which is less than the 300-lb capacity of its predecessor, the original Moonlite. This might limit its utility for heavier users.
  2. Lower Seat Height: At a seat height of 10 inches, it's slightly lower than the original Moonlite, which could pose comfort issues for some users, particularly those of taller stature.
  3. High Cost: Retailing at $179.95, it's certainly on the higher end of the pricing spectrum for backpacking chairs, which may be a deterrent for some potential buyers.
  4. Lack of Armrests: As with many ultra-lightweight models, the Moonlite Elite doesn't offer armrests, a feature that some users might miss for increased comfort.


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