Hayabusa T3D: The Future of Boxing Gloves is Here!

3D-printed, protective, comfortable, durable, supportive

The world of pugilism gets a dash of cutting-edge innovation with the Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves, a new entrant that promises to redefine the art and craft of hand protection in the unforgiving ring. Drawing inspiration from its illustrious predecessor, the T3, the T3D brings to the canvas a sophisticated, 3D-printed lattice cushioning system. Each glove feels meticulously conceived, embodying a symphony of shock absorption, protection, and unseen comfort.

This masterpiece is sculpted with a unique elastomeric resin, a material that whispers promises of longevity, standing resilient through relentless storms of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. The lattice system cradles your knuckles softly, the zonal cushioning acting like a tender whisper against the storm, soaking up the impacts and keeping your hands swathed in comfort, allowing you to dance and strike with equal grace and ferocity.

The artistry does not end with mere protection. With precision, the gloves offer a snug embrace to your wrists, the Dual-X interlocking straps, and 4x Fusion Splinting providing not just support but alignment so perfect it feels almost poetic. Each movement feels fluid, each punch thrown with the assurance of support and security, allowing you to immerse in the ballet of boxing with abandon.

Attention to detail is a subtle, yet crucial ingredient in crafting excellence. The T3D silhouette might be bereft of the beloved microfiber thumb seen in the T3 profile, a small but significant touch allowing a swift wipe of sweat in the heat of the battle, yet it is a minor symphony in the larger orchestration of design and functionality. Every element, from the attached thumb and perforated palm to the ergonomic thumb position and grip bar, is a nod to the glove’s commitment to serving the needs of both intermediate and advanced warriors of the ring.

For the connoisseur willing to invest close to $350, the gloves might seem like a lavish expenditure. Yet, within its frame, the T3D encapsulates the spirit of innovation and relentless pursuit of excellence, mirroring the journey of every boxer who steps into the ring. With a virtually indestructible Vylar exterior and an ultra-soft, temperature-regulating lining that whispers coolness to your hands under the glaring lights, the gloves are more than equipment; they are companions in every battle, silent witnesses to your triumphs and tribulations.

Crafted with passion and unprecedented technology, the Hayabusa T3D Boxing Gloves do not just protect; they tell a story, embodying the soul of boxing in every stitch and every cushioned cell. For those willing to experience protection, comfort, and performance in a new dimension, these gloves are not just an investment; they are a declaration, a commitment to the sport and to oneself. For in the unforgiving square circle, your hands deserve nothing but the absolute best.


  1. Innovative Cushioning System: The 3D-printed lattice cushioning system provides unparalleled protection and shock absorption, ensuring your hands are well-protected during practice or a match.
  2. Superior Material Durability: Crafted from elastomeric resin, the gloves are designed to outlast traditional foam materials, providing extended longevity.
  3. Zonal Cushioning: Offers precise, soft, and comfortable zonal cushioning, ensuring each punch is supported, minimizing the impact on your hands.
  4. Enhanced Wrist Support: The Dual-X interlocking wrist straps, along with 4x Fusion Splinting, provide excellent support and alignment for your wrists, reducing the risk of injury.
  5. Temperature-Regulating Lining: The gloves feature a lining that helps regulate temperature, keeping your hands cool during intense sessions.
  6. Robust Exterior: With a virtually indestructible Vylar exterior, the gloves are resilient and can withstand significant wear and tear.
  7. Ergonomic Design: Details like an ergonomic thumb position and attached thumb provide additional comfort and functionality during use.


  1. High Price Point: At $349, these gloves are a significant investment and might not be accessible to all enthusiasts or beginners in the sport.
  2. Lack of Microfiber Thumb: The T3D model does not include a microfiber thumb feature seen in its predecessor, which allows for convenient sweat wiping without a towel.
  3. Product Youth: Since the T3D is a relatively new product, there’s limited user feedback available regarding its long-term durability and performance in varied conditions.
  4. Limited Usage Recommendation: While these gloves are suitable for intermediate and advanced users, beginners might not fully utilize or appreciate all the specialized features offered.
  5. Size Recommendations: The gloves have specific ounce recommendations for various activities (10-12oz for bags/pads, 14-18oz for other uses), which might require users to purchase multiple pairs for different training aspects.


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