Grand Trunk Compass 360º Stool: A Throne For The Ultimate Adventurer

Portable, rotating, comfortable, lightweight, stable

In the realm of perpetual motion, of endless explorations and unquenchable curiosities, we don't merely traverse our surroundings; we drink them in, searing each detail into the deepest recesses of our memories. If you're an adventurer at heart, every breath whispers of unknown horizons and every heartbeat is a drumroll for the next riveting encounter. But even the most dedicated wanderer needs a rest from time to time, and it's there where the Grand Trunk Compass 360º Stool comes into play.

Imagine a portable throne engineered for the restless spirit, a testament to the synthesis of practicality and comfort. The Compass 360º Stool, slim as a reed and light as a feather at just 1.0 lb, folds into a tiny package that snugly fits into an 11 x 3 x 3-inch carrying bag, becoming a phantom load on your shoulder or hip. Its design is sleek and fuss-free, and setting it up is as easy as breathing; it takes no more effort than unfolding a map.

Beyond the obvious convenience and portability, this stool's true charm lies in its 360° rotating swivel action. A full turn, unimpeded and graceful, allows you to take in the world from all angles without leaving your seat. Picture yourself by a roaring campfire, the flames flickering against the night's obsidian canvas, and with a simple swivel, you're watching the moonrise through the silhouette of the pines.

Despite its svelte figure, this stool is a silent titan. Its robust 7000 series aluminum frame effortlessly carries up to 330 lbs, while sitting low to the ground for enhanced stability, a rock in the rapids. The 450D Polyester seat, treated with a dash of foam for good measure, brings the comfort of your favorite armchair into the wild. It's like the stool merges with you, becoming an extension of your essence as you lose yourself in the symphony of the natural world.

Lifetime Warranty. Two words that echo a promise, a commitment from the makers to the journeyer, a nod of understanding towards our inexorable wanderlust. If the stool stands for anything, it's the embodiment of ceaseless exploration.

The Grand Trunk Compass 360º Stool is more than just a seat. It's an ode to the adventurer, a tip of the hat to the tireless traveller. It's a tiny piece of home you can take with you as you traverse soccer games, riverbanks, mountains, and more. It's a nod to the belief that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. With this in your pack, every horizon is within your grasp, every adventure just a swivel away. So, go ahead. Embrace the wanderlust. Your throne awaits.


  1. 360° Rotating Swivel Action: The stool's unique design allows you to rotate a full 360 degrees, providing an unrestricted view of your surroundings.
  2. Portable and Lightweight: Weighing in at only 1.0 lb and folding down to 11 x 3 x 3 inches, the stool is incredibly portable and won't weigh you down on your travels.
  3. Easy Setup: Unfolding the stool is quick and effortless, a vital characteristic when you're out exploring and want to rest without fuss.
  4. Robust and Stable: Despite its compact size, the stool can hold up to 330 lbs and sits low to the ground, ensuring stability.
  5. Comfortable: The seat is foam-padded and made of durable 450D Polyester, providing comfortable seating even for extended periods.
  6. Lifetime Warranty: The lifetime warranty ensures that this stool is a long-term investment for your adventuring needs.


  1. Low Seat Height: At a seat height of just 15 inches, it may be uncomfortable for some users, particularly those who have difficulty getting up from low positions.
  2. Not Ideal for All Terrains: Its low profile and three-leg design may not perform as well on uneven or soft terrain, potentially limiting its use.
  3. Absence of Back Support: The stool does not come with back support, which could make it uncomfortable for some users over prolonged periods of use.
  4. Limited Capacity: While it can support up to 330 lbs, individuals on the heavier end of the scale might still feel unsure of its stability due to its lightweight and compact nature.


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