Power Pot X – Harnessing the Heat

The next time you go backpacking in the woods take the Power Pot X with you because not only can it be used to cook your meals at camp but also charge your gadgets at the same time. The Power Pot X uses a thermoelectric generator to harness the heat energy used in cooking and turn it into 10 watts of power, enough for your iPhone, Android phone, Tablets, or other small devices. With a dual-USB output, it can charge two devices simultaneously. It is one of the more practical ways to charge your gadgets outdoors and can be used with any heat source including camping stoves and campfires. Much better than the Power Pot V. You can get one that can hold 2.3 litres or 3.8 litres, or get both. The smaller pot can nestle inside the bigger pot to save space.

Only a few days into their Kickstarter campaign, they've already exceeded their $30,000 goal to make the Power Pot X available to the public. As a backer you can get the Power Pot X at a lower price than retail but you'd have to hurry before all the slots are taken.

$189 Buy

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