Brace the Outdoors with Bonfus Framus 58L: Versatility, Comfort, and Durability in One

Versatile, Spacious, Comfortable, Durable, Adaptive

The call of the wild, a siren song that drives us to lace up our boots, fill our canteens, and step onto the trail with the weight of civilization shed, if only for a little while. But the right companion is key for any voyage, and the Framus 58L by Bonfus promises to be just that.

This pack isn't just a backpack; it's a chameleon, an enigma, a transformer. With a rigid frame and back foam pad that can be easily removed, the Framus 58L can shift from a load-bearing beast to a nimble, feather-light companion for those quick escapades where every ounce counts. When it comes to versatility, this pack truly raises the bar.

And yet, it doesn't trade functionality for flexibility. The technologically advanced waterproof materials, reinforced with Ultra400 fabric at the bottom, make this pack as resilient as they come, standing tall against the rigors of the outdoors while being lighter than a feather.

But let's not forget about comfort – often the Achilles' heel of any pack. The Framus 58L's contoured aluminium stays are designed with a special curvature, forming a gap with your back for improved ventilation. Then, there's the optional, removable EVA-foam padding for added comfort and adjustable weight. It's these thoughtful features that ensure even long, heavy treks feel like a walk in the park.

As Matthias Ekman, who solo traversed the Great Himalayan Trail, aptly said, “I was really surprised about the comfort of the Framus backpack.” He found it as comfortable as frameless packs with a standard 5kg base weight. Now that's a statement worth considering.

This pack also refuses to be outshone in the durability department, with the use of the most advanced pack fabric on the market – Ultra 200. With 3x the tear strength, 3x higher UHMWPE fibers content, and 7x the abrasion resistance, this pack is a shield on your back.

To summarize, the Bonfus Framus 58L isn't just a pack; it's a transformer, a guardian, and a comfort provider, all rolled into one lightweight and ultra-durable package. For those seeking a blend of resilience, adaptability, and comfort, this could be the perfect fit. And with each step you take into the wilderness, you can be sure that the Framus 58L has got your back – literally and metaphorically.


  1. Versatility and Adaptability: The ability to convert from a frame pack to a frameless pack allows for flexibility based on the intensity and duration of your adventure. Whether it's a multi-day expedition with heavy loads or a quick, lightweight trek, this backpack can be adapted to suit.
  2. Space and Organization: With a total volume of 58 liters, there's ample room to carry your essentials. The pack's thoughtful design includes external pockets and a front mesh storage for easy accessibility and better organization of your gear.
  3. Durability: Made from technologically advanced waterproof materials and boasting features like a reinforced bottom section with Ultra400 fabric, this pack is built to withstand harsh conditions and intense use over time.
  4. Comfort: The pack features EVA-foam padding in the shoulder straps and back panel, contoured aluminum stays for ventilation, and a padded hip belt. These features help to ensure a comfortable journey, even with a heavy load.
  5. Thoughtful Details: Elements like functional load lifters, 4-point compression cords, drainage holes in side pockets, and an ice axe attachment point underscore a focus on the needs of the active traveler. These features contribute to both the pack's practicality and comfort.


  1. Price: At $349, the Bonfus Framus 58L is not the most affordable option on the market. The price tag may be a deterrent for some, especially those on a budget or occasional hikers who might not need such a high-performing pack.
  2. Weight: Although the pack is designed to be lightweight, it still weighs in at 27oz. While this is reasonable for a pack of its size and features, there are lighter options available for those who prioritize minimal weight above all.
  3. Complexity: With its multiple features and adaptability, this pack could be seen as overly complicated for some users. Those looking for simplicity might find the number of options and features overwhelming.
  4. Size Limitations: Although the pack comes in two sizes (medium and large), individuals with particularly small or large dimensions may find the pack doesn't fit as well as they'd like.
  5. Aesthetic: While certainly functional, the design of the Framus 58L is fairly utilitarian. Those seeking a pack with a more stylish or unique aesthetic might prefer to look elsewhere.


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