Yonex Vcore Pro 97H: Masterstroke of Power and Precision

Advanced tennis racket for power-precision

Ah, the beautiful game of tennis, where grace meets power and finesse greets fury. This fusion of elements is deeply embodied in the Yonex Vcore Pro 97H, a meticulously crafted tool that's more than just a racket, it's a symphony of technological innovation, aimed to uplift your performance on the court.

Don't let its deceptive simplicity fool you. Hailing from Japan, this beauty in green and purple hues is for the warriors of the court, those who seek not just to play, but to conquer with their game.

Its head size of 97 sq. in. is a testament to the strategic balance between precision and power. The slightly heavier weight of 330g ensures a robust and stable feel in your hands, helping you command the play with authority.

A personal favorite aspect is its ISOMETRIC design. Crafted over three decades ago, this shape isn't merely aesthetically pleasing, but boosts the sweet spot by a notable 7%. Imagine that, a larger sweet spot translating into more forgiving hits and effective energy transfer. Power, indeed, need not be sacrificed for control.

The racket's balance point of 310mm serves to further refine your command over shots. You'd feel the unique harmony of balance as you gracefully transition from high-powered serves to delicate volleys.

Among the marvels tucked within the Vcore Pro 97H is the innovative Flex Fuse, a shock-absorbing polymer integrated within the graphite's resin. This technology gifts the racket with an increased flex, bestowing a softer, plush sensation that becomes a tactile pleasure in high-stake rallies.

Then there's the 2G-NAMD Flex Force. This innovation allows for quick flex and snap-back, thus increasing ball-pocketing, which in turn leads to greater spin and faster ball acceleration. The racket becomes an extension of your arm, and you, the puppet master, dictate the ball's every move.

Also incorporated is the Vibration Dampening Mesh, a technology borrowed from snowboards, which effectively reduces vibrations on impact. It doesn't just add to the racket's longevity, but also provides an unparalleled touch and precision to your shots.

The unique Lock Booster grommet system enhances the energy transfer to the ball, equating to improved spin and power. Every swing feels like a mini victory, every ball crushed a testament to your refined skill.

The tennis court is a battleground, a stage where every point is a performance. And with the Yonex Vcore Pro 97H, you're not just equipped for the show, but ready to be the showstopper.


  1. ISOMETRIC Design: Increases the sweet spot by 7%, offering more forgiving hits and efficient energy transfer.
  2. Optimal Weight and Balance: Weighing in at 330g, it provides robustness and stability. The balance point of 310mm ensures precise control over shots.
  3. Flex Force and Flex Fuse Technology: Allows the racket to quickly flex and snap back, leading to greater spin and faster ball acceleration. Offers a softer feel, adding to the comfort during play.
  4. Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM): Reduces vibrations at impact, adding to the racket's longevity while improving touch and precision.
  5. Lock Booster System: Enhances energy transfer to the ball, improving power and spin with each swing.
  6. Quality Construction: Made in Japan with advanced materials, ensuring durability and a high-quality feel.


  1. Price: With a tag of $259, this racket falls in the higher end of the price spectrum, potentially making it less accessible to budget-conscious players.
  2. Advanced Player Orientation: The Vcore Pro 97H is geared towards advanced players, meaning beginners or intermediates may find it challenging to handle, particularly due to its weight and technical features.
  3. Limited Color Options: Available only in green and purple, the color choice may not appeal to all players.
  4. Potential for Overpowering: Given the large sweet spot and powerful features, it could potentially lead to overhitting for those not accustomed to such a racket.
  5. Manual Stringing Required: The recommended strings (POLYTOUR REV, POLYTOUR STRIKE, REXIS SPEED) need to be strung manually, which can be inconvenient for some players.


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