Glashütte SeaQ Chronograph: Time Under Pressure

Maritime Luxury Melds With Functionality

Ah, the allure of the open sea and the adventures it promises. It's the siren song that speaks to our primal instincts, the nomadic spirit that has propelled humanity across uncharted waters for centuries. And for those who hear this call, the Glashütte Original's SeaQ Chronograph is a companion more than worthy of the journey.

This piece is a sturdy maritime accomplice, as reliable as a seasoned skipper. Its robust 43.2mm stainless steel case, a fortress against the elements, is water-resistant up to 300m, making it ideal for both the casual surfer and the hardcore SCUBA diver. This water resilience doesn't come at the expense of its heart, either. The Calibre 37-23 automatic movement is shielded from magnetism, ensuring time remains steadfast even when faced with the unpredictable magnetic fields of the ocean.

But this watch isn't just a tool; it's an artwork, where form and function tango in perfect harmony. The dark blue dial, ceramic inlay, and unidirectional count-up bezel are reminiscent of the ocean's unfathomable depths and the endless sky above. The Super-LumiNova coating on the indices and hands ensures legibility, whether you're navigating the high seas under the moonlight or plumbing the depths of a coral reef.

The flyback function is a neat addition, allowing for timing multiple events without needing to stop and reset the chronograph. Think of it as a good mate who's always ready for the next adventure, no matter how quickly it comes.

There's a choice of straps, too, each one reflecting a different aspect of a mariner's life. The stainless steel bracelet is as suitable for a formal dinner at the captain's table as it is for a casual afternoon on deck. The dark blue rubber strap is perfect for those who prefer to spend their time in the water rather than on it. And the fabric straps, made from recycled fishnets, are a subtle nod to our responsibility towards the very environment that we enjoy so much.

The price may be a bit steep, but remember, you're not just buying a watch – you're investing in a steadfast companion for your marine escapades. The SeaQ Chronograph is a testament to Glashütte Original's commitment to crafting timepieces that not only tell time but also stand the test of time. This watch doesn't just ride the waves; it makes them.


  1. Reliability: The watch is water-resistant up to 300m, making it highly suitable for aquatic activities. Its silicon balance spring and Calibre 37-23 automatic movement resist magnetism and ensure smooth operation.
  2. Utility: The inclusion of a chronograph and flyback functionality allows easy tracking of elapsed time, which is especially useful in water sports.
  3. Visibility: The watch's Super-LumiNova coating on the indices and hands ensures optimal legibility in low-light conditions or underwater.
  4. Design: It's a handsome watch, with a dark blue dial and ceramic inlay that is evocative of the sea. It's not just a tool watch; it's a fashion statement as well.
  5. Variety of Straps: The availability of different straps (stainless steel, rubber, fabric) allows customization based on preference and use case.
  6. Long Power Reserve: With a 70-hour power reserve, the watch can be left unworn for almost three days without stopping.


  1. Price: Priced between $13,900-$14,800, it's a significant investment. This could be prohibitive for some potential buyers.
  2. Size: With a case size of 43.2mm, it might be too large or heavy for some users, especially those with smaller wrists.
  3. Lack of Additional Complications: Apart from the date and chronograph, the watch lacks other features that some users might find useful, such as a moon phase or a second time zone.
  4. Limited Color Options: As of now, the watch is available in a blue colorway only. This might not appeal to potential buyers looking for more color options.

Overall, the Glashütte Original's SeaQ Chronograph is a highly reliable and beautifully designed timepiece that seems to be ideal for those who are involved in water activities or who simply appreciate the fine art of watchmaking. However, its high price and large size might not appeal to everyone.

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