Vvolt Utility Series: Less Gas, More Miles

Versatile ebikes for sustainable commuting

Well, folks, let's take a journey into the world of two wheels, a realm not unfamiliar to me. I've often found a certain raw, visceral satisfaction in the simplicity and directness of a good bike ride, but today, I want to talk about something a bit different. Something that breathes new life into the everyday, the mundane, the commutes and errands that punctuate our existence.

I present to you the Vvolt Utility Series.

Imagine, if you will, a minivan. Now, strip away everything you dislike about it, keep the practicality, and infuse it with the spirit of a stallion on an open prairie. That's the Pie, the flagship of the Vvolt Utility Series. With its dual battery setup, this is an ebike that's ready to take on the day, no matter what you throw at it. Rated to carry up to 440 lb, it's like a pack mule that decided to go to finishing school.

And that's not all. With a motor capable of offering two distinct modes – Class 1 and Class 3, you have control over just how much power you tap into. It's not just about the power though. It's about the finesse, the nuance. This ebike comes with torque, cadence, and speed sensors, crafting an experience as responsive as a conversation.

But what really sets the Pie apart, in my eyes, is its commitment to longevity. The dual battery system offers an impressive range per charge, between 30 and 80 miles. That's a lot of errands, a lot of fresh air, and a lot of opportunities to leave the gas-guzzler in the garage. And the Enviolo CVT in-hub transmission? It's like getting a finely aged Scotch instead of well whiskey – a smooth and refined ride.

Moving on to the Slice DLX, it's the Pie's cool sibling, trading the dual battery and integrated rear rack for a leaner setup. It's the sleeker, slightly more rebellious counterpart, yet still offering a satisfying ride with a single, potent 600-Wh battery.

And lastly, the Slice Lite. It's the no-nonsense member of this ebike family. Class 2, single speed, and a 350-W rear-hub motor. It's like the Pie and Slice DLX's younger sibling, eager to prove its worth. It may lack some of the bells and whistles, but it's no slouch when it comes to functionality.

Each model in the Vvolt Utility Series offers something unique, catering to various needs and lifestyles. But what they all share is a vision – a vision of a world where the family car can take a well-deserved day off. They invite us to reimagine how we move, how we interact with the world around us.

Whether it's the feature-rich Pie, the stripped-down Slice DLX, or the practical Slice Lite, each ebike makes a compelling case for a more sustainable, enjoyable, and health-conscious future. After all, life is too short for traffic jams and searching for parking spots. Let's get out there and embrace the journey.


  1. Versatility: The Utility Series includes three distinct models, each catering to different user needs. Whether it's the feature-packed Pie, the slightly stripped-down Slice DLX, or the practical, single-speed Slice Lite, there's an option for a variety of lifestyles.
  2. Cargo Capacity: With a weight capacity of up to 440 lb, these ebikes can handle substantial loads, making them a feasible alternative to a car for many short trips or errands.
  3. Range: The dual battery setup on the Pie offers an impressive range per charge, between 30 and 80 miles, depending on conditions and usage. Even the single-battery Slice DLX and Slice Lite have respectable ranges, making these ebikes suitable for more than just quick jaunts.
  4. High-quality Components: From the 500-W mid-mount motor and Enviolo CVT in-hub transmission on the Pie, to the puncture-resistant tires and four-piston hydraulic brakes common to all models, these ebikes are equipped with high-quality components that promise durability and a smooth ride.
  5. Smart Connectivity: At least on the Pie, the GPS and 4G smart system provide useful features like theft protection, mobile app connectivity, and over-the-air updates.


  1. Price: Ranging from $2,049 to $4,499, these ebikes may not fit everyone's budget. The price point, particularly for the Pie, may be a barrier for some potential buyers.
  2. Weight: While specifics aren't given, ebikes, especially those with high cargo capacities and dual batteries, tend to be heavier than their conventional counterparts. This could make them difficult to maneuver without power, particularly for less physically able riders.
  3. Limited Smart Connectivity on Lower-End Models: The Slice Lite doesn't currently offer smart connectivity. For tech-savvy riders or those who value the features provided by such systems, this could be a drawback.
  4. Availability: As of mid-2023, these ebikes are still not available, with deliveries expected to begin later in the year. For those needing an immediate solution, this might not be the best option.

In summary, the Vvolt Utility Series seems to offer a compelling blend of practicality, versatility, and technology, but potential buyers will have to weigh these benefits against considerations of cost, weight, and availability.

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