Commencal META POWER TR & SX – Power Assisted Machines for Trailblazers

Power, Versatility, Innovation, Control, and Adventure

Here we are, standing before a beast of machinery that's bound to leave a mark on the trails and in our hearts. The META POWER TR and META POWER SX, fitted with the Bosch Performance CX Smart System, are the epitome of innovation and power in the world of e-mountain bikes.

The Bosch Performance CX motor, a powerhouse in its own right, redefines the boundaries of what a mountain bike can do. With its Extended Boost function, even technical climbs turn into enjoyable challenges. The thrill is constant, the handling is smooth – it's the perfect recipe for an unforgettable ride in the great outdoors.

The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. And what better testament to the Bosch system than the fact that it graced six out of the ten winning bikes in the 2022 Enduro World Series. It's an addition that doesn't need second thoughts.

What's remarkable is the variety of options available. From ECO for maximizing range, TOUR+ for a natural feel, eMTB for those who want to sync with their cadence, to TURBO for all-out power and torque – it's a palette of choices that could satisfy any rider's whims.

The eBike Flow app is a handy companion, allowing you to record your rides, tweak the modes, and even perform updates from your smartphone. It's like a personal mechanic right in your pocket.

The META POWER BOSCH comes with a PowerTube 625Wh battery, notable for its consistent draining over time. There are no sudden drops in power – just smooth, continuous performance. The System Controller interface keeps you informed about the remaining range and the mode you're in, while the Mini Remote Bluetooth control helps maintain a clean, cable-free look.

The Extended Boost is a lifesaver on tricky climbs, and the Hill Hold function ensures you won't be rolling backwards in the Smart Walk Assistance mode. These are features that make the ride more enjoyable and less stressful.

The META POWER TR is all about enjoyment. It's a playful bike, easy to handle yet forgiving. The 29-inch wheels and the great geometry make for a comfortable ride, perfect for long trips where you want to let off some steam on the downhill.

The META POWER SX, on the other hand, is the embodiment of versatility. Whether you're planning a leisurely ride through your local woods or a mountain bike park holiday, this bike's got you covered. The 29″/27.5″ wheel set-up makes it super precise, easy to manoeuvre, and capable of handling the most technical terrain.

The AM and HT variants extend the range further, each with their unique features designed to enhance your riding experience. The MAXMAX POWER, with its dual personality, is just as comfortable on your daily commute as it is on a trail.

Despite the hefty price tag of $5300 – $8000, these e-bikes are worth every penny for the sheer joy and exhilaration they bring. They incorporate the best of COMMENCAL DNA and supercharge it, pushing the boundaries of what's possible on a ride.

In the end, these aren't just bikes. They're keys to a whole new world of experiences, of trails less traveled, of adventures waiting to be embarked upon. So, strap on your helmet and let's ride into the wild, wild world!


  1. Bosch Performance CX Motor: Renowned for its power, the motor provides excellent torque, making it a great choice for tackling challenging terrains. The Extended Boost function can make steep climbs a breeze.
  2. Versatility: With various modes to choose from (ECO, TOUR+, eMTB, TURBO), these bikes can be tailored to your riding style and the environment, providing a personalized experience.
  3. Consistent Battery Performance: The integrated PowerTube 625Wh battery drains evenly over time, avoiding unexpected power losses during your ride. The Bosch Range Assistant can also help estimate the range before you ride.
  4. eBike Flow App: This feature allows riders to track their rides, adjust modes, and even perform updates from their smartphones.
  5. Advanced Features: The Extended Boost and Hill Hold function are great for technical climbs and tricky situations.
  6. Variety of Models: With the TR, SX, AM, and HT models, there's a bike for every type of rider and trail.
  7. Design and Geometry: The bikes are designed with a focus on comfort and control, making for a fun and safe ride.


  1. Price: Ranging from $5300 to $8000, these e-bikes come with a hefty price tag. They are an investment, and might not be accessible to everyone.
  2. Weight: Electric bikes, due to their battery and motor, are generally heavier than traditional bikes. This could be a downside for those who need to transport their bike frequently.
  3. Maintenance: With advanced technology comes advanced maintenance. These bikes might require more specialized care compared to a traditional bike.
  4. Battery Dependency: While the battery performance is a pro, it can also be a con. Long rides without access to charging could become problematic if the battery drains faster than expected.
  5. Limited Control Interface: While the minimalist control interface enhances the bike's aesthetic, some users might prefer a more detailed on-board display without relying on a smartphone app.
  6. Adaptation: For those new to e-bikes, there might be a learning curve to adapt to the additional power, especially in handling and control.

Remember, the perfect bike often depends on personal preferences, riding style, and the intended use. Both the META POWER TR and META POWER SX have a lot to offer to the right rider.

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