Freak Athlete Tri-Flexor for the most undertrained muscle

Strengthen your shins with tib raises

The tibialis anterior is considered one of the most undertrained muscle for most people. It's a muscle that runs along the shin, which reduces the amount of force going through your knee joint and hence preventing injury. Most people neglect this muscle probably due to the lack of knowledge about it.

One way to strengthen your tibialis is by using something like the Tri-Flexor by Freak Athlete. It's a plate loaded ankle weight like Kensui's Ankr but with a weight bar attachment at the toe part for adding weight plates. This allows you to do tib raises as well as the other exercises you can do with the Ankr like hip flexors, hamstring curls, leg extensions, and more. All the weight bars are removable in case you don't it to get in the way and for portability.

The Tri-Flexor supports shoe sizes up to USA men's 13 and women's 15.

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