Kensui Ankr plate loaded ankle weights

Next level ankle weights

Ankle weights can be useful but they're usually not weight adjustable. ANKR can be loaded with weight plates so you can adjust the weight depending on your needs. There are two version of ANKR: ANKR PRo and ANKR Max. The ANKR Pro can hold up to 45lbs of weight plates. The ANKR Max can hold up to 200lbs. Extension sleeves are available for purchase if you need space to load more plates and go heavier. You can also connect 2 ANKR Maxes with an optional connecter for bi-lateral movements. Be aware though that the ANKR is not sold in pairs but each one works on both feet.

Unlike the Kensui Weight Vest, you can choose whether you want the one compatible with Olympic weight plates or one that is compatible with the more common 1″ plate. There are plenty of exercises you can do with the ANKR including leg extensions, hamstring curls, kick backs, leg raises, mountain climbers, and more. Fits all adult shoe sizes.


  • Very versatile
  • Option to choose between 1″ or 2″ compatibility
  • Portable
  • Weight adjustable
  • Affordable


  • Some have bought it expecting it to come in pairs
  • Not suited for doing tib raises
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