Fliteboard eFoil Series 2.2 electric Hydrofoil is quieter and more refined

Better than previous versions

When it comes to eFoil surfboards, the Fliteboard eFoil Series 2.2 is one of the best. Now quieter and lighter than previous versions, the Fliteboard now has a new battery with a titanium outer shell, which is stronger, lighter, and better protects against corrosion. The battery uses 21700 cells that according to Fliteboard can be found on hypercars and can last up to 100 mins of ride time. There's also a lower capacity battery option called the Flite Sport that can provide up to 45 mins of ride time but currently the higher capacity Flitecell Explore is a free upgrade.

The board itself is constructed of luxurious ash timber and Carbon Innegra for lightweight, strength, and rigidity. Innegra is a type of fabric that not only provides grip but also keeps the board together even if it breaks while adding impact resistance. It can support anyone up to 220 lbs (100 kg) and the whole board weighs about 64 lbs making it one of the light eFoil on the market. The wings are interchangeable to suit your riding style and adapt to your skill progressing. As for the controller, it now has a longer throw trigger for a more precise control of speed. Top speed is about 35 mph (57 km/h)


  • A lot of fun
  • More precise controls
  • High quality construction
  • The Ultra version is the smallest eFoil on the market
  • Interchangeable wings


  • Like most eFoils, it cost more than some cars
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