Citizen CZ Smart smartwatch can detect fatigue

Battery indicator for humans

Most smartwatches can tell your heart rate, number of steps, and more. But Citizen's CZ Smart is the first one we've seen that can detect fatigue. Not only that, it can forecast your energy level in the next few hours. It's like a battery indicator for humans so that you can take steps to recharge that energy. It uses software developed by research pioneered by NASA's Ames Research Center and tools within IBM Watson Studio on IBM Cloud. The AI can provide details on patterns of fatigue and alertness and offers customized insights and strategies to maximize the wearer's daily potential.

The CZ Smart can even determine your chronotype i.e. your preferred timing of sleep and wake by processing your sleep data. By taking the Smart's Alert Monitor test you get an Alert Score so you can decide if it's the best time to drive or to do your best work. This technology is an iteration of NASA's Psychomotor Vigilance Task Test (PVT+) that was developed to determine the mental acuity of astronauts.

The watch itself is 44mm with blue silicon straps and runs on Google's Wear OS. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. And the 22mm bands are interchangeable. The screen is made of impact and shatter resistant mineral crystal and the case made of stainless steel. The battery can last up 3 days. It has 8GB of storage, which is not a lot compared Apple Watch's and Garmin Fenix 6's 32GB. Other features include heart rate monitor, activity tracking, sp02 monitoring, calls, texts, NFC, YouTube Music, Spotify, Strava, and Google Maps.

Unfortunately the CZ Smart is not water resistant.


  • Knowing your fatigue forecast can be useful
  • Personalized recommendations to increase energy


  • Not water resistant
  • Low storage space
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