Jayflex Hyperbell expands the usefulness of dumbbells

Turns dumbbells into kettlebells, barbells, and more

If you already have a bunch of dumbbells in your home gym you can expand its usefulness with the Jayflex Hyperbell. The Hyperbell series includes the Ketllebell Hyperbell that turns a dumbbell into a kettlebell; the Bar Hyperbell that turns a pair of dumbbells into a barbell; and the EZ Curl Bar Hyperbell that, as you might have guessed, turns your dumbbells into an EZ Curl barbell. Dumbbells on the Kettlebell Hyperbell can be rotated so that it doesn't get in the when doing certain kettlebell exercises.

You can also use the Bar Hyperbell as a mace by attaching a dumbbell on only one side of the bar. Just don't use it like a sledgehammer because the connection is made of plastic. Even though the connection is made of plastic they're still durable enough to survive drops during normal usage. The Bar and EZ Curl can hold up to 200lbs (100lbs each side).

Note that the Hyperbell only fit dumbbells that have handles that are at least 4.5″ wide (most dumbells are 6″ wide) and have a diameter less that 1.5″. The Hyperbell does NOT work of PowerBlocks or Nüobells but it DOES work on Core Adjustable dumbells.


  • Add variety to your training with dumbbells
  • Durable
  • Great for beginners just starting a home gym
  • Dumbbells can be rotated on the KettleBell Hyperbell
  • Affordable


  • Some plastic parts
  • Not for more than 200lbs
  • Does not fit all dumbbells
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