Evo Typhoon: Sharp By Design’s Testament to Exceptional Blade Artistry

Masterful Craftsmanship Meets Superior Material Quality

The Evo Typhoon by Sharp By Design, an assembly of artistry and function, truly speaks to the adventurer's soul. Not merely a tool, but a testament to the balance of beauty and durability, it is an emblem of enduring craftsmanship and a reliable companion for life's journey.

Wielding this piece, you'd instantly notice the ultra-smooth blade flipper, engineered with SBD's integral detent for effortless precision. The blade, a finely honed spectacle, comes in various styles to match your personality – Tanto, Bowie, Drop Point, or Harpoon Tanto, each with its own tactical advantage and aesthetic appeal.

This blade isn't just for show, it's fashioned from the renowned Bohler M390 steel, boasting not only remarkable sharpness but also superior durability and corrosion resistance. The satin finish merely serves to elevate its already sophisticated appeal, while a plain edge type makes it versatile for everyday use.

The real magic, however, lies in the handle. Painstakingly 3D machined, the titanium frame offers both strength and weight balance. This is complemented by a selection of handle materials from carbon fiber to titanium marbled with a carbon fiber inlay or Fat Carbon Inlay, offering not only a stunning visual display but a reassuring, ergonomic grip. The touch, the feel, brings forth an experience of confident control and gratifying comfort.

It's no surprise that the weight of the Evo Typhoon varies depending on the materials and blade style. Ranging between a featherlight 2.33 oz and a slightly heftier 4.55 oz, it rests comfortably in your pocket, yet stands ready for when duty calls. And with a tip-up carry style, it ensures quick and convenient access for right-handed users.

Of course, the heart of this tool lies in the frame lock mechanism and manual flipper opener, both a nod to traditional knife design and a hallmark of dependable performance.

Crafted with care by Brian Nadeau and originating from China, the Evo Typhoon is a product of global collaboration, merging Eastern blade techniques with Western design sensibilities. And with a price range of $375-$510, it's an investment that delivers on both style and substance, a testament to its name, ‘Typhoon' – a force to be reckoned with, yet elegantly crafted.

The Evo Typhoon isn't just a folding knife. It's an emblem of resilience and elegance, a trusted companion ready to brave life's adventures with you. Truly a must-have for the discerning collector or outdoor enthusiast.


  1. High-Quality Materials: The use of premium Bohler M390 steel for the blade ensures exceptional sharpness, durability, and corrosion resistance. The titanium handle adds to its robustness, making it a dependable tool for everyday carry.
  2. Variety of Blade Styles: The availability of different blade styles, such as Tanto, Bowie, Drop Point, and Harpoon Tanto, provides users with a level of customization rarely seen in production series knives.
  3. Ergonomic Design: The meticulously 3D machined handle, designed for an ergonomic grip, facilitates easy and comfortable handling. The smooth blade flipper also contributes to a seamless user experience.
  4. Versatile Use: With a plain edge type and an optimal blade length of 3.75 inches, the Evo Typhoon is versatile enough for a variety of tasks, making it an excellent choice for everyday carry.
  5. Aesthetics: The design and craftsmanship, from the carbon fiber inlay options to the satin finish of the blade, give the knife a distinct, stylish appeal, making it as much a collector's item as a functional tool.


  1. Right-Hand Design: The knife's design is biased towards right-handed users, with the pocket clip tip-up carry style potentially inconvenient for left-handed individuals.
  2. Price: Ranging from $375 to $510, the Evo Typhoon is on the higher end of the spectrum for folding knives. While the quality justifies the price for enthusiasts and collectors, it may be prohibitive for those seeking a basic utility knife.
  3. Weight Variation: Depending on the materials and blade style chosen, the weight varies between 2.33 oz and 4.55 oz. Some users might find the heavier versions less comfortable for extended use or everyday carry.
  4. Maintenance: The high-end materials and sophisticated design may require a higher degree of maintenance and care compared to simpler, less expensive knives. This might be a drawback for users who prefer low-maintenance tools.


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