Conquer Wilderness and Whitewater with the Alpacka Whitewater Refuge’s Advanced Features

Compact, agile raft for whitewater

There are few sensations that can match that which comes with gliding over rapids, riding waves that were once feared, and treating whitewater as a playground for the adventurous. It's about immersing oneself in the elements and proving human capabilities over nature's challenges. A vessel for such an endeavour? The Alpacka Whitewater Refuge Packraft.

Some might look at this craft and see nothing but a collection of fabric and air. But, I see an instrument of freedom, one that affords you the ability to carry the wind at your back across wild landscapes and to conquer roaring waters with nothing but your skill and courage.

True to Alpacka's legacy, the Whitewater Refuge is an evolution of design, where the wilderness-savvy and the whitewater-ready are seamlessly married. Weighing just about seven pounds, it packs a ton of paddling muscle into a genuinely packable size, a triumph of innovation that does not sacrifice durability nor capability.

Modelled after the Scout raft, it's like an echo from the dream journals of the early packrafters—light, sturdy, and capable enough to navigate both the unforgiving Alaskan terrain and backcountry whitewater.

Despite its compact size, the Whitewater Refuge is remarkably resilient. The 840D nylon floor is a shield against the bumps and bruises of rocky waters, while the proprietary lightweight 210D nylon hull is an emblem of Alpacka's innovative craftsmanship.

And what's functionality without comfort? It comes complete with thigh straps, whitewater foot brace, and a scout seat. Then there's the whitewater deck, a feature that's every bit as handy as it is comfortable, ensuring the driest and warmest ride in even cool climates. Add the Cargo Fly option—a gear storage solution built into the raft's stern—and your essentials will stay dry and secure, no matter what the river throws at you.

Speaking of the river, this raft handles Class I-III waters with enviable grace. It turns on a dime, offering an agility that would make any experienced paddler beam with joy. Yes, it may have a lighter weight and limited cargo room, but the sheer thrill of manoeuvring this craft in wilderness class III rapids or surf in the local play wave more than compensates.

Finally, the price. $1,500 might seem steep, but consider what you're getting: the convenience of portability, the confidence of durability, and the assurance of performance. All things considered, the Whitewater Refuge is not just a packraft; it's a gateway to a world of river-borne adventures.

For the seasoned long-distance traverse hound or the whitewater enthusiast looking for the ultimate lightweight craft, the Whitewater Refuge presents a bold answer. It's not just a piece of gear. It's an invitation to the challenge of wilderness and whitewater, and a testament to human audacity in the face of nature's raw might. Go on then, answer the call of the wild!


  1. Compact and Lightweight: Weighing in at only seven pounds and packing down to a compact 15″ x 8″ size, the Whitewater Refuge is ideal for wilderness traverses that involve carrying gear over challenging terrain.
  2. Whitewater Ready: Designed with Class I-III whitewater in mind, the Whitewater Refuge includes features like thigh straps, a whitewater foot brace, and an 840D nylon floor, enabling it to navigate rapid waters effectively.
  3. Durable Construction: The proprietary lightweight 210D nylon hull and 840D nylon floor mean this raft can handle not only the weight of the user but also the inevitable scrapes and bumps of rough water.
  4. Cargo Fly System: This built-in gear storage solution makes it easy to stow gear securely and keeps it dry, even in wet conditions.
  5. Versatility: The Whitewater Refuge excels in a variety of situations, from surf play to wilderness Class III rapids, making it suitable for a wide range of paddling adventures.


  1. Limited Cargo Space: Despite the added functionality of the Cargo Fly system, overall cargo space is somewhat limited due to the compact size of the raft. This could be an issue on longer trips or expeditions requiring more gear.
  2. Price: At $1,500, the Whitewater Refuge is an investment. It's pricier than many other packrafts on the market, which could be a deterrent for budget-conscious adventurers.
  3. Tailored to Skilled Paddlers: While its agility and handling in whitewater are pros for experienced paddlers, less skilled rafters may find the Whitewater Refuge challenging to handle. This is especially true in the Class III rapids it's designed for.
  4. Weight Limit: With a max capacity of 250 lbs., it may not be suitable for larger paddlers or those with substantial amounts of gear.
  5. Internal Dry Bags Sold Separately: Although the raft comes with a Cargo Fly system, the internal dry bags needed for optimal use are sold separately, adding an additional cost to fully kit out the raft.


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