Duovox Ultra – 10x Zoom Monocular with Night vision

Military-grade night vision monocular

Duovox Ultra, the monocular that lets you see and film in the dark without compromising the natural chromatic integrity of your surroundings. Made with military-grade aluminum construction and an IPX4 dustproof and waterproof rating, this device is perfect for night hikes or perusing an environment undetected.

With just 0.001 lumens of visible light, Duovox Ultra allows you to see in full color thanks to the F1.2 aperture and 850NM IR illuminator used by seven built-in infrared modes. You can either focus manually or use the 5x optical zoom or 10x digital zoom for viewing subjects up to 1,650ft. With 10 hours of runtime and 128GB of memory, you can store up to 120 minutes of 1080 full HD footage and 1,000 images.

Connect Duovox Ultra to your phone to use it as a monitor for filming or view footage on the high-contrast 2-inch TFT screen. Get the early bird deal on Kickstarter and snag your Duovox Ultra monocular for just $167, down from the $399 retail price. (Assuming all goes with the project)

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