Allbirds M0.0NSHOT – The first shoe with a net zero carbon footprint

0.0 ( kg carbon footprint

Introducing Allbirds’ latest innovation in sustainability: the Moonshot, a shoe with a net zero carbon footprint. This shoe is the result of over two and a half years of effort by Allbirds’ cross-functional innovation team, known as the Allbirds Futures Team. The shoe features carbon-negative materials and compounds, such as regenerative merino wool and sugarcane-based SuperLight Foam, and bioplastic eyelets made with renewable bioproducts.

Allbirds also created its most carbon-efficient packaging to date, using sugarcane-derived, carbon negative Green PE. The shoe’s transportation plan is also carbon-conscious, with biofuel-powered ocean shipping and electric trucking. Allbirds plans to release a limited number of samples in June 2023 at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, with a wider commercial release set for early 2024.

Additionally, Allbirds will open-source the toolkit that led to the creation of the Moonshot and plans to announce powerful partnerships around sustainability at the event.

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