DJI Osmo Action 4: Master of Low-Light Imaging with Superior 4K Video

Capture Life's Moments, Unrestrictedly Clear

Traveling through the various corners of the world, from the chaotic bazaars of Marrakech to the frigid landscapes of the Arctic, I've learned one thing – the ability to capture moments, to immortalize experiences, is priceless. And I'm not just talking about mere pixels on a screen, but truly evocative and visceral experiences that pull you right back into those moments. That's where this little game changer, DJI's Osmo Action 4, comes into the picture.

A successor to the Osmo Action 3, this camera redefines what an action camera can do, proving once again that DJI isn't just a one-trick pony with drones. It's as if DJI channeled their relentless drone prowess into a handheld device, not just making it smaller but far more potent and versatile. The compactness is deceiving; this tiny titan is as rugged as it gets, but more importantly, it's a bona fide tech marvel in the world of action cameras.

The Osmo Action 4 comes with a bigger 1/1.3-inch sensor – a massive leap in terms of low-light performance. Picture yourself traversing the dimly lit alleyways of Tokyo or catching the twilight over the Grand Canyon, and you'll understand why this is a big deal. Paired with the 4K/120fps capabilities and 155-degree ultra-wide field of view, this device is as adept at capturing breathtaking panoramas as it is at freezing intense, adrenaline-fueled moments.

It's clear that DJI has designed the Action 4 with the bold and the adventurous in mind. With 360º HorizonSteady and RockSteady 3.0 technology, the camera remains poised even in the face of wild motion and capricious angles, serving as your unwavering third eye. Imagine cliff-diving in Acapulco, where one moment the azure sea fills your entire view and the next moment, you're in the midst of a thrilling somersault – this little wonder will keep up with you, capturing every twist and turn in stunning clarity.

Yet, the DJI Osmo Action 4 is not just for the adrenaline junkie; it's also an ideal companion for the more introspective moments of travel. Its color temperature calibration automatically adjusts to different lighting conditions, meaning that every hue and shade you encounter, from the vivid greens of the Amazon rainforest to the stark whites of the Antarctic tundra, are recorded as faithfully as possible.

What's even more impressive is the fact that it's deep freeze resistant, waterproof up to 18 meters without a case, and boasts a 2.5-hour battery life. It’s not just a camera; it’s a sturdy, resilient companion that's ready to dive into life's grandest adventures with you.

In terms of versatility, the magnetic quick release design, vertical video capabilities, and dual touchscreens make this camera a breeze to handle and switch around as the situation demands. It's an intuitive device that understands its users, from vloggers who need to capture seamless selfie footage to adventurers documenting their thrilling first-person experiences.

And let's not forget the AI selfie stick removal feature. There’s no more need for that unsightly stick intruding into your shots; it’s just you and the endless expanse of the world around you. With this feature, your content isn’t just immersive, it's convincingly real.

Given all these innovations, the Osmo Action 4 is quite reasonably priced, starting at $399 for the standard combo and $499 for the adventure combo. It’s a worthy investment for those of you seeking a durable, high-quality action camera that effortlessly records and amplifies your life’s most thrilling experiences.

DJI has once again proven that they're far from done with surprising us. The Osmo Action 4 is a testament to their relentless innovation, their uncanny ability to pack earth-shattering technology into a device that fits snugly in the palm of your hand. It's a device for the bold, the daring, and the ceaselessly curious. It’s a device for the storytellers among us, for those who believe in documenting not just the epic moments of their journey, but the quiet, contemplative ones too. This isn’t just an action camera, it’s your trusted partner in the grand odyssey that is life.


  1. Bigger Sensor: A 1/1.3-inch sensor allows better performance in low-light conditions, perfect for capturing vibrant images and videos from dawn till dusk and beyond.
  2. High-Quality Video Capabilities: With 4K/120fps, this camera can capture super smooth slow-motion footage, adding more dynamic and creative options for users.
  3. Ultra-Wide Field of View: The 155-degree ultra-wide field of view means you can capture more of the scene in your frame, making it great for scenic landscapes and action shots.
  4. Advanced Stabilization Features: The 360º HorizonSteady and RockSteady 3.0 technology ensure smooth and steady footage, even during intense movement or at awkward angles.
  5. Robust and Resilient: This camera is deep freeze-resistant, waterproof up to 18 meters without a case, and offers a lengthy 2.5-hour battery life, making it ideal for adventurers and extreme sports enthusiasts.
  6. User-Friendly Features: With a magnetic quick-release design, dual touchscreens, and native vertical video capabilities, it's a versatile and intuitive device to handle.
  7. AI Selfie Stick Removal: This novel feature eliminates the intrusion of selfie sticks in your shots, providing a more immersive and realistic perspective.


  1. Price: Starting at $399 for the standard combo, it might be seen as a bit steep for casual users or those on a tight budget.
  2. Battery Life: While 2.5 hours of use is robust, more demanding users, like those on long hikes or multi-day adventures, might require additional batteries, which is an extra cost.
  3. Learning Curve: With its various advanced features, there could be a learning curve for beginners or less tech-savvy users.
  4. No Built-in GPS: While it does have a GPS Bluetooth Remote Controller, having built-in GPS could have been a useful addition for tracking routes and geo-tagging photos and videos.
  5. Possible Overheating: High-performance cameras like the Osmo Action 4 may face overheating issues when used for prolonged periods, particularly in warmer environments.

From $399

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