Quadvelo: Changing the Game with Its Innovative Design and Electric-Assist Pedal Power

Redefining Mobility With Innovation

Our world is a diverse canvas of innovation, teetering on the edge of the future with every breath. Among the myriad of creations that fuel this evolution, there's a thrilling new mode of transport that's come to life in the heart of Belgium. The Quadvelo, the brainchild of a startup that shares its name, is a splendid marriage between the convenience of an ebike and the robustness of a car.

Imagine this: a machine that has the lightness of an ebike, complete with a 7075 aluminum alloy frame ensconced in a fiberglass body, all on four wheels. She's not just a looker, either. Scratch-resistant polycarbonate windows and optional doors on either side further add to the Quadvelo's allure.

There's more to her than meets the eye. Coil spring shocks in the front and elastomer ones at the rear ensure a ride as smooth as a limousine's. When it's time to hit the brakes, the 90-mm Sturmey Archer drum brakes work wonders, though there's an option to upgrade to Tektro hydraulic discs.

This stunner comes equipped with a 9-speed rear-derailleur drivetrain, complete with a Sachs RS 925 motor that does its bit to give your pedaling an electric boost. With a torque of 112 Nm, she can reach a top speed of 16 mph, all on a single charge of its 48V/17-Ah lithium battery that promises a range of up to 47 miles. For the road-trippers among us, an additional battery can be installed to double this distance.

The Quadvelo is packed with features, including a touchscreen display, adjustable-position mesh seat, and dual side mirrors. There's even a front air inlet and windshield-defogging fan. To top it all off, it comes with a complete lighting system inclusive of front and rear turn indicators.

The dimensions of this vehicular marvel make it ideal for the urban environment. At 98.4 inches long, 33 inches wide, and 52.3 inches high, she's compact enough to maneuver through city traffic yet roomy enough for a rear cargo area. An optional child seat can be installed, giving the Quadvelo the warmth of a family car. Despite its compactness, it can handle a total weight of up to 441 lbs.

It's taken six years of relentless research and development for the Quadvelo to go into limited serial production, and a full production version should be available soon. However, there's a catch – it's only available in the EU. So if you're in that part of the world, you're in for a treat.

Though it's priced at around US$10,829, it's a small price to pay for this embodiment of innovation and convenience. Yes, there are alternatives, but the Quadvelo stands a class apart. The ride is not just a means to an end, but an experience in itself. An exhilarating jaunt through city lanes or a serene commute to work – the Quadvelo is your ticket to both.

To conclude, the Quadvelo is more than just an ebike, and it's more than just a car. It's a symbol of evolution, a leap towards the future, and a ride that's going to turn heads and take breaths away. So, to those of you who believe in embracing the future, who yearn for adventure and thrill, and who dream of a world less ordinary, the Quadvelo is your calling. Here's to you, the pioneers of tomorrow.


  1. Innovative Design: The Quadvelo is a unique combination of an ebike and a car, offering the best features of both. This makes it a perfect solution for those looking for a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transport.
  2. Compact Yet Comfortable: Despite its compact size, the Quadvelo provides a comfortable ride with its adjustable-position mesh seat, suspension system, and a cabin equipped with features like a touchscreen display and a complete lighting system.
  3. Electric-Assist Pedal Power: The Quadvelo offers a balanced blend of human and electric power, giving you the flexibility to exercise while commuting. Its 9-speed rear-derailleur drivetrain and Sachs RS 925 motor offer an impressive torque of 112 Nm, contributing to a top speed of 16 mph.
  4. Reasonable Range: With a single charge of its 48V/17-Ah lithium battery, the Quadvelo can cover up to 47 miles. If that's not enough, there's an option to add an additional battery to double the range.
  5. Cargo Capacity: With a cargo area that can also fit an optional child seat, the Quadvelo manages to maintain the functionality of a car despite its compact size. It has a commendable total weight capacity of 441 lbs.


  1. Availability: The Quadvelo is currently available only in the EU, limiting its accessibility to potential customers worldwide.
  2. Price: Priced at approximately US$10,829, the Quadvelo might not be an affordable option for everyone, especially when compared to regular ebikes.
  3. Battery Charge Time: The information provided does not include how long it takes to charge the Quadvelo's battery, which could be a significant factor affecting its practicality for daily use.
  4. Limited Speed: The electric-assist function only works up to a speed of 16 mph. Although you can pedal harder to go faster, the speed might not be sufficient for some users, especially on longer commutes.
  5. Learning Curve: Given its unique design and features, there could be a learning curve for new users to get used to the Quadvelo, particularly with its pedal-electric mode and the touchscreen interface.

Starting €9,000

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