deWiz Golf Swing Modifier: Revolutionize Your Game with Real-Time Analysis

Revolutionary real-time golf swing analysis

Picture this: you're on a dew-kissed fairway, early morning sun glinting off the manicured grass as you're about to tee off. That's where the magic happens, right? But the thing is, golf – like any art worth mastering – isn't just about the flash and the flair. It's about precision, repetition, and dogged determination. The science of the swing, if you will. It's in the quiet moments of practice that champions are born. And, my friend, if I may say so, the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier is here to accompany you in those moments.

This sleek, lightweight wearable – more a piece of jewelry than sporting equipment – straps onto your wrist, poised to become your silent coach. It's a marvel of modern technology, a true testament to how far we've come, where championship level expertise is condensed into a device smaller than your watch, ready to be unleashed at your command.

Equipped to analyze 13 different data points in real-time, the deWiz is more than just a passive observer. It's an active participant, guiding you through your swing, offering instant feedback through its patented Learning Stimuli. Don't let the jargon put you off, this basically means it delivers a slight electric pulse if you breach the boundaries of your desired swing parameters. It's neuroscience at work, heightening your senses, intensifying your practice sessions, and enabling you to master your swing faster than ever before.

One of the key factors in a power-packed swing is the length of your backswing. The deWiz has a dedicated mode to measure and help you extend this crucial element of your swing. It also provides essential data on your tempo, including your Start-to-Impact time, assisting you to perfect the rhythm and flow of your swing.

If you're battling the demons of the dreaded slice or hook, fear not. The deWiz is here to banish them back to the shadows from where they came. The Transition mode provides critical swing data that can help you align your swing direction with your target, ensuring that you get that sweet, straight trajectory every time.

But it's not just about driving the ball, the finesse in golf often lies in the short game, the dance of the wedges. And this is where deWiz truly shines. Its unique DistWedges feature helps you accurately measure your backswing length, allowing you to control your carry distance with precision and consistency.

That's not all. The deWiz also adds a dash of fun to your practice with the DistWedges Challenge, a game where you're scored on hitting randomly delivered partial backswing lengths. It's a novel way to up the ante during practice, making the grind enjoyable.

All in all, the deWiz is a formidable tool in the arsenal of any serious golfer. And at $699, it's a reasonable price to pay for a personal coach that's available around the clock. The real allure of the deWiz, for me, lies not just in its advanced tech and the wealth of data it provides, but also in the philosophy it embodies – that practice should be a purposeful, informed process. That every swing matters. That in the grand pursuit of golfing glory, it's the details that count.

And yes, it comes with a USB charger, because the only thing that should run out of energy on the course is you, once you've nailed that perfect swing. After all, champions aren't made in a day. But with the deWiz, you're one step closer, one swing at a time. So, here's to the pursuit of perfection, to the art of the swing, and to the journey that's as rewarding as the destination. Hit it longer, hit it straighter, hit it closer. With the deWiz, you can.


  1. Real-Time Analysis: The device offers real-time analysis of 13 different data points during your swing, which can provide an unprecedented level of insight into your game. This can lead to more targeted, efficient improvement.
  2. Learning Stimuli: Grounded in neuroscience and over six years of research, the patented Learning Stimuli feature gives a slight electric pulse when you deviate from preset parameters. This immediate feedback could revolutionize how golfers practice and learn.
  3. Comfort and Style: With its lightweight design, ergonomic high-quality wristband, and stylish look, deWiz ensures comfort and functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. It's lighter than a standard smartwatch, which could make it a more comfortable alternative for golfers.
  4. Battery Life: A 7-hour battery life means you're likely to run out of energy before the deWiz does. The included USB charger also makes it convenient to recharge the device.
  5. Advanced Swing Correction: The deWiz system includes features aimed at improving specific areas of the swing, such as adding distance and eliminating slice or hook shots. Its unique focus on Transition and Length of Backswing data points could help golfers make significant strides in their game.


  1. Price: At $699, deWiz is quite an investment. While many golfers may see a significant return on this in terms of improving their game, the high cost could be prohibitive for some.
  2. Learning Curve: With the depth of data provided and the various modes and functions to learn, there might be a steep learning curve for some users, particularly those who are not tech-savvy.
  3. Dependence on Smartphone Compatibility: Although it's compatible with both iPhone and Android, deWiz relies heavily on a connected smartphone for much of its functionality. This could limit its usefulness for golfers without a compatible device, or those who prefer not to bring their phone onto the course.
  4. Lack of Water Resistance: The device is rated IP67, which means it can handle some water exposure, but it's recommended not to submerge it. For a sport that often exposes players to the elements, this could be a limitation for some.
  5. Focus on Solo Practice: While the deWiz system seems fantastic for individual practice, it doesn't seem to have features aimed at using it in a competitive or group practice setting. It's unclear how easy it would be to use this device in a round with friends, or in a tournament setting.


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