Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch Coach Caddy

Instant feedback can give you a sense of progress and when it comes to sports, it makes practise much more efficient and motivating. If you play golf, Garmin's Approach S6 Golf Watch can help you in a big way. In the form of a digital watch, the S6 provides you information about your swing tempo by measuring your upswing and downswing on its color touch screen interface. It offers tempo training mode using audio tones to help optimize your golf swings and tells you how hard to hit the ball in percentages with various clubs. With color graphics of over 30,000 international golf courses in its data base, the S6 also acts as your digital caddy and a scorecard, tracking putts, shot distance, and fairways hits. The data can then later be uploaded to Garmin Connect for data analysis, to identify trends in your performance, and details of the game. It's also a smartwatch with the ability to connect to your smartphone to receive emails, texts, alerts and more right on your watch.

via Mashable

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