DV8 Golf Clubs Reinvented – More Portable than Ever

Travelling around with a set of golf clubs can be a hassle. Whether you travel on a motorcycle, in a small sports car, or use public transportation, just the thought of lugging around that bulky, heavy golf set makes you not want to play golf at all. Even storing them can be a problem. The hassle is just not worth it for some people. But before you give up, check out DV8 Sports Golf clubs. Unlike the traditional set of golf clubs, the DV8 set is light and compact. It can be easily carried on your back, stored in the trunk of your car, and even carried onboard the airplane as a carry-on. This is achieved by taking away the shafts of the clubs and using only one that can be interchanged between each other. That's one shaft for 14 different club heads. To make the set of clubs travel smaller was the easy part. Most of the research and development over the past 5 years was spent on making it perform as well as clubs from top golf brands.

$1,070 when it was on Kickstarter.

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