Zepp Golf – See Your Swing Like Never Before

A small deviation in your golf swing can have a big effect on your game. One way to improve your golf swing is to know how you're swinging so that you can make the required adjustments. That's what coaches are for. They give you feedback on your swing and advice on how you can improve it. However, you may not translate in your head the best picture of your actual swing. Here's where Zepp Golf can help. Attach the Zepp sensor to the golf glove mount and connect it to your smartphone via bluetooth. The device will then capture, measure and analyse your swing in three dimensions and record 1,000 data points per second to give you the best representation of your swing on your smartphone. You then compare your data to the pros and adjust accordingly. Do this repeatedly and you might surprise yourself on how much you've improved. Never again waste your time with useless practice.

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