Furnace Industries DRY ICE Tools: Experience Authentic Ice Climbing, Indoors!

Safety and authenticity in climbing training

A dance with the vertical is a dance with danger, but oh, what a wondrous, adrenaline-laced tango it can be. Here, in the vertical world, you're constantly on the search for tools that will not just aid your ascent, but will make you feel at one with the ice and rock.

Enter the DRY ICE Tools by Furnace Industries. The creation of these marvels of ingenuity rests on a desire to emulate the thrill and challenge of climbing the frozen walls of our planet, right within the comfortable confines of an indoor climbing gym. No more pining for the crags in the off season, now you can feel the ice beneath your fingertips even under the fluorescent glow of gym lights.

Each pair of these patented Indoor Ice Axes is deftly designed, using stiff rubber straps looped over traditional rock climbing holds. The essence of ice and mixed climbing is captured beautifully in the mechanism, which allows climbers to simulate the precise movement and rhythm of their favourite winter climbs. You're engaged with the same sequence, the same pull and twist, the dance of ascent remains the same.

Technicalities, you ask? Light as a feather, each pair weighs a mere 1lb 4oz, so they're easy to maneuver even for those relatively new to the dance. Length, width, height – every dimension has been meticulously designed to provide that essential grip, the assurance that yes, you can reach a little higher, a little further.

One of the aspects that really stands out about these tools is how they deftly balance safety and authenticity. You won't have to worry about sharp points threatening to impale your gym-mates or puncture your precious pads. Safety is a top priority here, without compromising the raw essence of the climb.

What's more, Furnace Industries is not just in the business of selling climbing gear. They are visionaries, passionate about promoting the sports of drytooling, ice and mixed climbing. Their mission doesn't stop at providing top-notch equipment; they're also invested in nurturing a community of climbers and educating them about preserving the delicate environment they play in.

These Dry Ice Tools, then, are not just pieces of equipment. They're symbols of a dedication to a sport, a community, and a philosophy. They're your companions in the pursuit of the next challenge, the next peak. So step into your climbing shoes, strap on these axes, and dance your way up to the heights. The vertical world is waiting.


  1. Safety Assured: Designed with stiff rubber straps, the DRY ICE Tools eliminate the risk of injury from sharp points and damage to gym equipment.
  2. Authentic Climbing Experience: These tools successfully simulate the movements and challenges of outdoor ice and mixed climbing, providing an authentic experience indoors.
  3. Lightweight Design: Weighing just 1lb 4oz per pair, they are easy to handle and perfect for extended training sessions.
  4. Community and Environment Focus: Furnace Industries doesn't just sell gear. They actively work to promote ice and mixed climbing, build a community, and educate on environmental conservation.
  5. Competitive Pricing: At $134.95, they offer a cost-effective option for climbers looking to hone their skills off-season.


  1. Limited to Indoor Use: As they are designed specifically for indoor gym climbing holds, these tools may not be suitable for outdoor ice climbing or rock climbing.
  2. Climbing Skill Requirement: While the tools are designed to emulate real climbing, they do require a basic understanding and proficiency in ice or mixed climbing techniques.
  3. Potential Gym Restrictions: Not all climbing gyms may permit the use of these tools due to safety or equipment preservation policies.
  4. Investment Consideration: Even though competitively priced, the cost may still be a consideration for beginners or those who climb casually.


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