DeepBlue Design’s Ti-capsule: Titanium Durability with Interchangeable Blades

Compact titanium versatile multitool capsule

In the vast mosaic of innovation, the quest for the perfect tool—an emblem of both function and finesse—has been an ongoing pursuit. Trawling through history, modular capsules, bullet tools, and those little keychain blades have attempted to make their mark. However, every so often, something stands out—a gleam in the labyrinth of the ordinary. Enter the Ti-capsule by DeepBlue Design.

Crafted with meticulous detail, this thumb-sized titanium marvel whispers tales of adventures waiting to be had. With its sleek, 3-inch length and a diameter that seems tailor-made for the discerning hand, the Ti-capsule doesn’t just aim to impress; it aspires to be indispensable. Its knurled center and strategically placed keyring hole tell of a thoughtful design, where every millimeter serves a purpose.

Yet, it's when we delve into its trove of tools that the magic truly unfolds. The tiny kerosene lighter, a centrepiece of its utility, is a homage to every traveller's primal need. Gone are the days of rummaging through pockets for chunky lighters or enduring the frustration of unreliable matches. This slender fire-starter promises reliability with a touch of sophistication. And with its sealing O-ring, it's clear that this isn't just about aesthetics; it's a commitment to resilience.

But the intrigue doesn't stop there. For those unexpected challenges life throws at you, whether it's a stubborn package or a stray thread, the Ti-capsule’s array of blades is ready to serve. Its adaptability to various blade styles and shapes underscores its celebration of individuality.

Amid the blades and fire, there's a poetic touch—a pen top equipped with a Lamy M22 ink refill. It's a silent nod to those moments when amidst chaos, one seeks solace in jotting down thoughts or perhaps sketching the world as seen through their eyes.

The magnetic bit holder, unassumingly located at the capsule’s base, further magnifies the tool's ambitions. It's not just about what's provided, but the possibilities it offers—allowing the user to customize and mold the tool to their whims and needs.

Of course, for those versed in the language of multi-tools, the Hunt 4.0 might ring a bell. But where others have ventured, the Ti-capsule aims to soar.

To don the Ti-capsule is not merely about possessing a tool—it's about embracing a lifestyle. For a pledge starting at $65, the opportunity to have this titan dangle around one's neck is within grasp. As September nears, anticipation bubbles; for with the Ti-capsule, it's not just a promise of utility, but a beckoning of adventures yet to come.


  1. Compact Design: The thumb-sized titanium design ensures it's easy to carry and handle.
  2. Versatility: Interchangeable tools offer multifunctionality in a single product.
  3. Reliable Fire-Starting: The kerosene lighter is sleek yet reliable, fitting easily into small spaces.
  4. Durability: Made of titanium, known for its strength and long-lasting attributes.
  5. Adaptability: Compatible with various blade styles and shapes, allowing for user customization.
  6. Utility: Apart from tools, the capsule serves as a watertight container for small essentials like pills, tinder, and cash.
  7. Thoughtful Additions: A pen top with a Lamy M22 ink refill caters to writing or sketching needs.
  8. Magnetic Bit Holder: Allows easy swapping of bits as per the user's requirements.
  9. Pledge Offers: Competitive Kickstarter pledge starting at $65 includes the Ti-capsule and an accompanying chain.


  1. Limited Space: Given its compact size, the number of tools or items it can carry at once might be restricted.
  2. Kerosene Dependency: The lighter requires kerosene, which might not be readily available everywhere.
  3. Cost: Some might find the starting pledge price of $65 a bit steep for a multi-tool.
  4. New Product Risks: As a Kickstarter product, there's always a risk associated with production, delivery timelines, and the final product meeting expectations.
  5. Competition: Not the first of its kind, as products like the Hunt 4.0 offer similar features.

From $65

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