Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3: Elevate Your Run with Enhanced Stability & Breathable Design

Responsive, breathable, sustainable, stable, advanced

In the unrelenting journey for speed, few things have grabbed my attention like the adidas adizero Adios Pro 3. It's a pair of shoes that seems to have torn a page out of an engineer's dream diary and made it a tangible reality for the rest of us.

What intrigues me is how the shoe has evolved. By now, it's no secret that it's been one of the prime choices of marathon racers globally. This version, the third in its lineage, seems to have pushed the boundaries even further, integrating the entire length of the midsole with adidas' signature carbon ENERGYRODS. This promises a responsiveness and efficiency that would make any long-distance runner’s heart race just a little faster.

It's the finer details that often tell a fuller story. The Adios Pro 3's outsole, a collaboration with Continental and Textile Rubber, doesn't just grip the road – it embraces it. With a relationship like that, no weather conditions can play spoilsport.

While the shoe offers an increased forefoot stack in the Ligthstrike PRO foam, this change does bring a small trade-off. There's a bit more weight, which might be a slight nudge away from its predecessor's nimbleness. However, if the thought bothers you, I've felt that additional weight being compensated by the shoe's enhanced stability and the upgraded ENERGYRODS 2.0 system. It’s akin to trading a touch of your morning coffee’s kick for a richer, smoother blend that still gets the job done.

I’ve always believed in the nuanced touch of familiarity. The single-layer Celermesh upper is a testament to that. While it remains almost unchanged, it's the kind of familiarity you'd want when you're pushing your limits – breathable, lightweight, and ensuring you're anchored securely.

Now, for those who have a penchant for shorter, explosive runs, the adidas Takumi Sen might be a better dancing partner. But when it comes to marathons, the Adios Pro 3 seems to have written its own invitation to the party. The marathon season approaches, and I won't be shocked to see the shoe clinching some victories and more than a few admiring glances.

The shoe's commitment to the environment, with its use of recycled materials, is a gesture I appreciate. A minimum of 50% recycled content in the upper gives one a sense of responsibility, almost as if each step taken is a stride towards a more sustainable world.

Is it worth the $250? If you're looking for a partner to accompany you in achieving the unbelievable, it seems like a small price to pay.

So, lace up and let the road ahead be your narrative. The adidas adizero Adios Pro 3 seems more than ready to co-author your next big adventure. Safe travels.


  1. High Performance: Touted as one of the top marathon racing shoes on the market with a history of accolades since its 2020 launch.
  2. Upgraded ENERGYRODS: The new configuration runs the entire length of the midsole, offering a more efficient and responsive running experience.
  3. Outsole Quality: The Continental and Textile Rubber outsole offers robust traction, suitable for various conditions.
  4. Breathable Upper: The single-layer Celermesh upper provides a lightweight and breathable feel, ensuring comfort and a secure fit.
  5. Environmental Consideration: Contains a minimum of 50% recycled content in the upper, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.
  6. Enhanced Stability: The retooled wider platform makes the shoe more stable than its predecessors, ensuring a safer running experience.
  7. Versatile Cushioning: The Lightstrike PRO midsole has added forefoot stack, designed to protect runners during marathon distances or even longer runs.


  1. Increased Weight: Despite its advancements, the Adios Pro 3 is a tad heavier, which could slightly impact speed.
  2. Cost: With an MSRP of $250, it might be considered steep for some budgets.
  3. Specific Niche: While optimized for marathon races, those looking for shoes for faster, sub-marathon runs might prefer alternatives like the adidas Takumi Sen.

MSRP $250

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