Winspace HYPER 23 SE: Experience Next-Level Aerodynamics and Unbeatable Value

Superior speed, braking, and value

There's a certain thrill to cycling, a sweet adrenaline rush that comes with each push of the pedal, every breath of fresh air, and every unfolding landscape. It's an addiction, really. And when you're talking about such adventures, your wheels matter – a lot. That's where the Winspace HYPER 23 SE enters, offering a delightful and adventurous journey for every cyclist out there, whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete.

You see, the HYPER 23 SE range is no ordinary set of wheels. It's essentially the HYPER 23 but with some neat changes. It's a model that has enjoyed rave reviews and raced to victory many times. And now, it’s being offered at an even better value. You're getting top-tier, race-winning performance for just $1200. That's something that, as a cyclist, you can't just ignore.

One striking feature about the HYPER 23 SE is the steel bearings. They've moved away from ceramic, because, let's face it, not everyone is a fan. It's not like a cheese or a wine, where preference reigns supreme; it's more a practical thing. And they've made the change based on feedback – it's nice to see a brand that actually listens.

The wheels carry a UD carbon finish. No more butterfly weave here. Simplicity and efficiency come first, and it’s a move that reflects a desire to create a product that suits everyone's tastes.

And let's not forget the textured braking surface, specifically designed for the rim brake models. Superior braking performance in the rain and longevity are ensured, and that, my friends, is a safety feature we can all appreciate.

What’s more? The HYPER 23 SE wheels now accommodate wider tires thanks to the 21mm internal rim width. For those of you who favor larger tires, this is a godsend. The improved aerodynamics, comfort, and cornering capabilities are just icing on the cake.

On the weight side of things, every gram does indeed count. It's not just about the shaving weight, it’s about finding the sweet spot of strength and lightweight. An average of over 50g has been shaved off each wheelset, making for an even more nimble ride.

Another exceptional feature is the F-RAPID Design. This entails individually designed front and rear aero profiles. The front wheel is optimized for speed and stability, while the rear wheel is made taller, focusing on lower yaw angles. A stroke of genius, really, that translates to sheer performance on the road.

When it comes to the brake options, whether you’re a fan of the classic rim brakes or the modern disc brakes, you are covered. And, given the wider rim width, some compatibility issues might arise, but it's always good to see brands pushing the boundaries.

In the end, it’s the small, refined changes that make the HYPER 23 SE a gem. The carbon spokes are still there, offering lightweight strength and snappy acceleration. The hub, that vital heart of the wheelset, is robust and reliable. And, of course, there’s the option of going tubeless, an innovation in the cycling world that has many fans – myself included.

Looking at the HYPER 23 SE, it's clear that Winspace has delivered something special. Founded in 2008, the brand has continued to innovate, incorporating engineering expertise with contemporary design. In the HYPER 23 SE, they have created a wheelset that offers exceptional performance at a remarkable price point.

In conclusion, Winspace's HYPER 23 SE is not just a set of wheels. It’s a ticket to a thrilling adventure, promising better speed, stability, and cornering capabilities. For the price, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better companion for your bike. So, fellow cyclists, grab this opportunity, because trust me, it's not every day you find a set of wheels that truly understands and complements your passion for the ride.


  1. Excellent Performance at a Lower Cost: The HYPER 23 SE offers the same critically acclaimed, race-winning performance as the HYPER 23, but for a significantly lower price.
  2. Steel Bearings: A switch to steel bearings from ceramic offers an alternative for those who prefer steel's unique characteristics.
  3. UD Carbon Finish: The Unified Direction (UD) carbon finish is aesthetically pleasing and does away with the butterfly weave, which may not appeal to everyone.
  4. Textured Braking Surface: The 3K textured braking surface offers superior braking performance, especially in wet conditions.
  5. Wide Internal Rim Width: With a 21mm internal rim width, the HYPER 23 SE can accommodate wider tires, which can provide better aerodynamics, improved comfort, and better cornering.
  6. Weight Reduction: On average, over 50g has been shaved from each wheelset, offering significant weight savings for a more nimble ride.
  7. Individual Aero Profile Design: The F-RAPID Design with individually designed front and rear aero profiles maximizes performance by tailoring the wheels to their unique aerodynamic demands.
  8. Rim or Disc Brake Options: The option to choose between rim or disc brake formats ensures that all riders, regardless of their brake preference, can enjoy the HYPER 23 SE.
  9. Tubeless Ready: The HYPER 23 SE is ready for tubeless setup, which many riders find to provide a better, more responsive ride.


  1. Potential Compatibility Issues: The wider rim width, while offering several advantages, may cause compatibility issues with certain brake caliper models.
  2. No Ceramic Bearings: Although many riders may prefer steel bearings, those who favor the reduced friction and longer lifespan of ceramic bearings may be disappointed.
  3. Lack of Depth Options for Some Riders: While the HYPER 23 SE offers a range of rim depth options, some riders may wish for more choices, especially at the extremes of shallow and deep.
  4. Carbon Spokes Durability: While lighter and stronger, carbon spokes may not be as durable as steel ones in certain circumstances, such as crashes or very rough terrain.
  5. Relatively New Brand: Winspace, being a relatively new brand compared to some long-standing cycling companies, may not have the same level of trust or recognition in the market.


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