CRKT SDN™ Fixed: A Lifeline For Adventurers Designed By Combat Expert James Williams.

Crafted Precision. Strength. Ready Anywhere

Out in the wilderness or navigating the urban jungle, you want tools that meld seamlessly with your mission. The SDN™, designed by the seasoned Sensei James Williams, is one such piece. A former U.S. Army officer, with a commendable half-century in martial arts, Williams is no stranger to conflict and combat. His vast experience has birthed an unparalleled understanding of what one might need in a crisis, be it out on a trek or an unforeseen urban encounter.

The SDN™ is not just another blade; it is a symbol of strength, durability, and precision. With its roots in German engineering, the blade is crafted from premium 1.4116 steel. Its ultra-thin edge isn't just for show—it's a testament to its impeccable craftsmanship. This isn't just any knife; it's a survival tool, compact and lightweight, slipping effortlessly into your emergency kit or your pocket, ever ready for whatever the world throws your way.

A high carbon stainless steel blade that sharpens with ease is a boon for those who understand the value of a sharp edge, while its bead blast finish is purposefully added to reduce any undesirable reflections. And trust me, in certain situations, you don't want anything giving away your position.

Its stainless steel handle isn't just about aesthetics. It's about balance, about feeling that weight distribution when you grip it, assuring you of its sturdiness. With a well-calibrated balance, this knife becomes an extension of your hand, allowing for precision and confidence in every move.

And speaking of grip, the SDN™ ensures it's not just firm but secure. Whether you're scaling a mountain or setting up camp, the last thing you need is a tool that slips.

Every aspect of this blade, right down to its thermoplastic sheath, speaks of versatility. Different situations demand different carry options, and the SDN™ delivers just that.

Behind this marvel is a brand that resonates with passion and innovation. Columbia River Knife & Tool® (CRKT®) has been at the forefront of knife design and engineering for almost three decades. They're not just about crafting tools; they're about creating experiences, forging communities, and making lasting legacies.

Sensei James Williams, with his unique System of Strategy, is a force to be reckoned with. Armed or unarmed, he's a master of his domain. And with the SDN™, he shares a piece of that mastery with us.

So, for those who appreciate the blend of form and function, the SDN™ is more than just a knife. It's a statement, a testament to preparedness, and a nod to those who walk the edge, always ready for the next challenge.


  1. Expertly Designed: Crafted by Sensei James Williams, a seasoned U.S. Army officer with deep martial arts experience.
  2. Premium Blade Material: Uses 1.4116 German steel for superior durability and longevity.
  3. Ease of Maintenance: High carbon stainless steel blade sharpens effortlessly and retains its edge.
  4. Stealthy Design: The bead blast finish on the blade minimizes reflections, perfect for discreet operations.
  5. Portability: With a weight of just 1.30 oz. and a blade length of 2.65″, it ensures easy handling and carrying.
  6. Balanced Grip: Its stainless steel handle is ergonomically designed for a well-distributed weight and secure handling.
  7. Versatile Sheath: The thermoplastic sheath provides various carrying options, catering to diverse user needs.
  8. Backed by a Renowned Brand: CRKT® is a recognized name in the industry with nearly three decades of expertise.
  9. Affordable Pricing: At $52, it offers great value given its features and the brand backing.


  1. Size Limitation: The 2.65″ blade might be deemed short for specific tasks by some users.
  2. Handle Comfort: Stainless steel, although durable, may not provide as cozy a grip as some alternative materials, particularly in colder conditions.
  3. Type of Blade: Being a fixed blade, it might lack the compactness some users seek, which folding options offer.
  4. Specialized Design: Rooted in martial arts and military expertise, it might appear overly specialized for users seeking a generalized everyday tool.
  5. Price Point: Some might find the $52 price tag a bit steep for a knife, especially those unfamiliar with CRKT's reputation.


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