Taylor Stitch x Danner Ridge Boot: The Limited Edition Masterpiece in Painted Camo

Vintage. Durable. Stylish. Limited. Comfortable

The art of collaboration has given us some remarkable products over the years, and this is no exception. If you're someone who breathes the outdoors, the recent union of Taylor Stitch and Danner will probably feel like serendipity. Both brands, steeped in history and craftsmanship, bring you something worth your time and attention: The Danner Ridge Boot, reimagined in a limited Painted Camo edition.

Danner, rooted in Oregon, has been a stalwart in the world of rugged footwear since the 1930s. Their dedication to providing the working class and intrepid explorers with durable shoes is undeniable. Meanwhile, Taylor Stitch, with its heartfelt love for California's wilderness, is known for crafting quality menswear, incorporating sustainable methods into their operations, and driving home the importance of lasting gear. Their collaboration is a testament to their shared values and love for the great outdoors.

The Danner Ridge Boot is a lighter avatar of its original, designed and constructed right here in the US. Yet, it doesn’t compromise on any of its stalwart features. Think about venturing out on a rainy hike; the boot has you covered with its waterproof GORE-TEX lining. On the inside, a removable OrthoLite footbed ensures three layers of comfort for your feet. And on the rugged terrains, the Vibram Kletterlift Thin outsole, attached securely by a rebuildable stitch-down construction, promises resilience.

What truly makes this edition pop is the vintage flair it carries. The dark brown pebble leather pairs beautifully with the old-school camo colorway waxed canvas accents from Halley Stevensons, the renowned masters of waxed canvas in the UK. It's a combination that speaks to both the heritage and modern aesthetics of adventure footwear.

Now, before you get too excited, there's something you need to remember. This isn't a boot that will be lining the shelves for long. It's a limited edition, with only 75 units up for grabs. And considering the buzz, many sizes are already running out of stock. Alongside these boots, the Ridge & River collection also unveils a sweater, a jacket, and an organic cotton tee. All tailored for those who live and breathe the adventures of the wild.

At $470, the Painted Camo Danner Ridge Boot isn't just another pair of shoes. It's an invitation to experiences, to adventures yet to be had, and stories yet to be told. So if the wild beckons and you wish to answer its call with style, this might just be the companion your feet have been yearning for. Remember, the best adventures always start with the right step.


  1. Heritage Brands Collaboration: The product is a result of a collaboration between two reputable brands, Taylor Stitch and Danner, both known for quality and craftsmanship.
  2. Durable Materials: Designed with waterproof GORE-TEX lining, olive leather, pebbled brown leather, and waxed canvas from Halley Stevensons, the boot promises longevity and resilience.
  3. Unique Design: The Painted Camo edition brings a vintage charm, blending dark brown pebble leather with old-school camo waxed canvas accents.
  4. Comfort: With a removable OrthoLite footbed offering three layers, users can expect unparalleled comfort during their outdoor adventures.
  5. Versatility: Being a lighter version of the original Danner Ridge Boot, it offers both style and practicality for various terrains and activities.
  6. Exclusive & Limited: With only 75 units available, owners of this boot will be part of an exclusive club.
  7. Recraftable and Resoleable: The boot is designed for longevity, allowing users to get it recrafted or resoled, ensuring a longer life for the footwear.
  8. Eco-Conscious Branding: Taylor Stitch is known for sustainable practices, adding an eco-friendly edge to the product.


  1. Price Point: Priced at $470, it may be on the higher side for some potential buyers.
  2. Limited Availability: With only 75 units produced, many interested buyers might miss out due to its exclusivity.
  3. Break-In Period: High-quality boots, especially those with leather components, might require a break-in period before achieving optimal comfort.
  4. Weight: Although lighter than the original, hiking boots in general can be weightier than regular shoes, potentially causing fatigue during extended wear.
  5. Maintenance: The combination of leather and waxed canvas might demand more care and maintenance compared to synthetic materials.


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