CRKT Chogan Hatchet: The Adventurer’s Must-Have Tool – Durability Meets Versatility

Durable, Versatile, Lightweight, Historic, Tactical

In the realm of things built for rugged utility, the CRKT Chogan Hatchet stands tall and unapologetic. Imagine you're out in the wild, miles away from civilization, and the only thing separating you from nature's harshest elements is your ability to tame it. That's where the Chogan Hatchet comes in handy, a multipurpose tool, half hatchet, half axe, forged with an intimacy that only a master craftsman from Chattanooga, Tennessee, could bestow.

Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical put his heart and soul into a design that reaches back to the year 1804, marrying the modern with the classical, and creating a piece that's both practical and tactical. One could argue it's a work of art in its own right. But trust me, this is no museum piece.

With a blade made from 1055 carbon steel, this hatchet is all about durability and edge retention. The manganese phosphate coating is more than just a superficial touch; it's an enhanced protection that'll stare down corrosion without a blink. At the end of a long, laborious day splitting wood or hammering stakes into the unforgiving ground, you'll find this hatchet still raring to go.

There's an elegance to the Chogan's design that belies its ruggedness. The 3.16-inch blade may seem unassuming, but its balance, weight, and form make it feel like an extension of your arm. Weighing in at just 1.48 pounds, its glass-reinforced nylon handle is engineered for strength without burdening you with unnecessary weight. It's built to withstand not only the harshest weather conditions but the scrutiny of the most discerning adventurers out there.

Now, when you think about CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool), a relentless pursuit of innovation comes to mind. Three decades in the game, constantly pushing boundaries and asking those beautiful “What if?” questions that lead to something new, something better.

The Chogan Hatchet reflects that ethos and adds to it a legacy of community, connecting artists, makers, and passionate users. It's more than a tool. It's a philosophy, a way of life.

If you're looking to keep your fireplace crackling or stake your claim out in the wild, the CRKT Chogan Hatchet might just become your new best friend. Trust in its design, revel in its form, and rest easy knowing that, with this hatchet, you're never alone out there. It's a symbol of self-sufficiency, confidence, and a deep connection to the world around you. Now go on, adventure awaits, and you've just found the perfect companion.


  1. Durability: Made from 1055 carbon steel with a manganese phosphate coating, it's designed to withstand rigorous use without showing signs of wear.
  2. Versatility: Functioning as both a hatchet and an axe, it can handle a wide range of tasks, from splitting wood to hammering tent stakes.
  3. Lightweight Design: The glass-reinforced nylon handle provides strength without unnecessary weight, making it comfortable for extended use.
  4. Historical Appeal: Inspired by an 1804 riflemen’s tomahawk hatchet, the Chogan offers a nostalgic touch with modern performance.
  5. Renowned Maker: Crafted by Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical, a trusted name in tomahawk creation, ensuring quality and performance.


  1. Price: While not exorbitantly expensive, the $52 price tag might be a bit steep for casual users.
  2. Specialized Nature: Its design and functionalities might be overkill for those who don’t need a multipurpose tool, making it less suitable for everyday use.
  3. Size Consideration: With an overall length of 13.19 inches, it might be too large for some users, impacting handling and transport.
  4. Potential Over-Engineering: Some may find the design to be more than they need for simple tasks, preferring a more basic tool.

The CRKT Chogan Hatchet is a robust tool with versatile functionalities that speaks to the heart of outdoor enthusiasts. While it may be too specialized for some, its build quality and historical touch make it a compelling option for those who seek a multipurpose tool that echoes both tradition and innovation.


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