Bell Broozer Helmet: The Rider’s Freedom in Open-Face or Full-Face Design

Versatile, Lightweight, Aggressive, Affordable, Functional

If you're the kind of soul who refuses to be categorized, bound by tradition, or limited by labels, the road calls you with a whisper of rebellion. And for the free-spirited rider, the allure of the open road is matched only by the equipment you choose. Meet the Bell Broozer, a helmet that's as untamed as your spirit, yet grounded in the versatility that every real rider craves.

Picture yourself ripping through the city streets, wind on your face, unencumbered by the ordinary. The Bell Broozer isn't merely a helmet; it's a statement. A combination of attitude, style, and functionality that fits you like a second skin. Weighing in at just 3.2 pounds, it's a lean fighter ready for anything you throw its way.

The construction of the Bell Broozer resonates with quality. A dual polycarbonate and ABS shell paired with a dual-density EPS liner doesn't just offer protection; it brings a peace of mind. The adjustable slider vents on the upper shell and chin bar let you control how the world greets you. And that's what riding's all about, isn't it? Control over your world, your road, your destiny.

What sets the Broozer apart? Its modular nature, a two-in-one mask-style design that won't be confined. The detachable chin bar and integrated drop-down shield are ready for open-face or full-face riding. This helmet doesn't just adapt to the road; it bends the road to its will. Best of all, the Bell Broozer can be had without emptying your wallet, offering more bang for your buck. An accessible price point for something that transcends price.

Eyewear compatibility adds a touch of consideration to the riders who have a preferred pair of shades or need prescription glasses. Anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV-protected integrated shields keep your view clear and focused, just as a streetfighter would want it. The NutraFog II technology is more than a feature; it's a commitment to clarity.

And then there's the comfort. Removable, washable liners to keep the ride fresh. Three EPS sizes for the maximum comfort range. Everything about the Bell Broozer is tailored to fit you, not the other way around.

So, what's my take on the Bell Broozer? It's not just a helmet; it's an experience. A manifestation of the relentless passion for the ride. It's a helmet for those who won't be boxed in, who demand the very best, and who ride not just with their hands and feet, but with their hearts and souls. The Bell Broozer isn't just about protection; it's about freedom. In a world of helmets that confine, it dares to be different. And isn't that what riding's all about?


  1. Versatility: With a 2-in-1 design, this helmet offers both full-face and open-face configurations, catering to different riding preferences.
  2. Lightweight Construction: The LG® PC/ABS shell construction keeps the helmet lightweight at 3.2lbs, ensuring comfort during long rides.
  3. Safety Standards: DOT and ECE certified, it meets international safety standards, promising optimal protection.
  4. Eyewear Compatibility: Accommodates prescription glasses or sunglasses, enhancing the user's comfort.
  5. Integrated Features: Comes with anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV-protected shields and adjustable ventilation, making it feature-rich for its price point.
  6. Affordability: Priced accessibly, it offers great value for the features and quality it provides.


  1. Potentially Overwhelming Design: The aggressive styling might not appeal to all riders and could be perceived as overdone.
  2. Limited Color Options: Only available in matte or gloss color paint options, potentially limiting customization.
  3. Absence of Premium Materials: Though constructed well, it lacks some premium materials found in higher-end helmets.
  4. Unknown Longevity: Without specific information about long-term durability, there might be concerns about how well the helmet will hold up over time.

The Bell Broozer does take a significant swing at traditional helmet categories, offering a myriad of features to make it stand out. Its versatility and feature-rich nature make it appealing, especially for those who want a helmet that matches their rebellious spirit. But some potential drawbacks, particularly in design appeal and long-term quality, should be considered. Overall, for the spirited rider looking for both style and functionality, the Bell Broozer seems to be a solid choice.

MSRP $280

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