MYLO by Coral: Smart Pool Monitoring for Safety-Conscious Homeowners

Intelligent, Secure, User-Friendly Pool Safety

In the sun-kissed backyard where the shimmering water of a residential pool beckons, the soothing sounds of splashing water are a tranquil reminder of summer's pleasures. But behind those calming echoes, there's a silent vigilance required to keep this oasis safe, particularly for children. Enter MYLO, the world's first virtual lifeguard.

It's a name you'll remember, not just for its simplicity but for the brilliance of its purpose. MYLO is like having a lifeguard stationed by your pool around the clock. But it doesn't need a whistle or sunblock. It doesn't even take lunch breaks.

What does MYLO do, you ask? It watches. Day and night, with the watchful eye of a hawk and the precision of the latest technology, MYLO provides three layers of protection. First, it sends an alert if someone approaches the pool. Then, it escalates its alarm if it detects pre-drowning distress signs. Finally, if it recognizes a person motionless with their head submerged, the alarm crescendos, both in the pool and the home unit, and even sends a notification to paired smartphones.

How does it accomplish this? MYLO uses both above-water and underwater cameras, combined with AI and computer vision, to detect and analyze movements in the pool. Its 24/7 Smart Pool AI Monitoring Technology surpasses any mechanical alarm or pool cover, providing real-time video of the pool and acting instantly if it detects a drowning incident.

MYLO's existence isn't just a technological triumph; it's a societal one. With drowning being an ever-present risk in any water body, the invention of such a device seems not just innovative but necessary. Existing pool safety measures might try to prevent unauthorized access, but once someone is in the pool, they fall short. MYLO doesn't. It's always on, always watching, without you needing to lock, unlock, activate, or deactivate anything.

Unlike standard pool alarms that sense motion, MYLO “sees” people. While pool alarms can't be used when someone is swimming, MYLO can. It alerts only upon detecting a person entering or at risk of drowning, eliminating the false alarms that can be triggered by wind or pool vacuums.

But is it too late if a child or person sinks to the bottom? The alarming answer is no. MYLO detects the sinking seconds after breathing has stopped, setting off escalating alarms within moments. This crucial intervention can make the difference between life and irreversible damage, granting the rescuer ample time to act.

MYLO can deal with poor visibility and obstructions using its AI capabilities, even detecting air bubbles and wiping them off with its “eyelid.” At night, MYLO still functions with inner-pool lights or outside lights, and in total darkness, it utilizes a pressure sensor to detect suspicious water movement.

Yet, like any technology, MYLO is not foolproof. It doesn't replace parental supervision or responsible behavior. It can detect most drowning cases but should not be solely relied upon. It's a complementary tool, an added layer of protection that can bring peace of mind to pool owners.

Its ability to learn and adapt to unique pool features, continuously improve, and be adjusted through an app also speaks volumes about its sophisticated design. MYLO doesn't just connect to your pool; it connects to your lifestyle, making safety an inherent part of the pleasure pools bring.

MYLO operates on a low-voltage electrical power and must remain plugged in at all times. It also requires a Wi-Fi range in the pool area for full functionality, but it can still function without an internet connection, providing alarms at the pool and home units.

At $1,499, the investment in MYLO seems not just reasonable but a necessity. It provides a solution for those who seek the joy of a swimming pool without the constant anxiety that lurks beneath the water's tranquil surface.

It's hard not to marvel at MYLO. In a world where technology often baffles and frustrates, here is a creation that serves an urgent, humane purpose. It's not just a product; it's a promise. A promise to watch over your loved ones when you can't. A promise to be the unseen guardian at every pool party, every sun-soaked afternoon, every twilight swim. And that's a promise worth keeping.


  1. 24/7 Monitoring: MYLO’s Smart Pool AI Monitoring Technology offers continuous monitoring, providing peace of mind for pool owners.
  2. Three Layers of Advanced Protection: From entry alerts to drowning risk alerts, MYLO's system offers comprehensive safety measures.
  3. Real-Time A.I. Risk Calculation: Advanced AI technology enables accurate detection of potential risks in real time.
  4. Ease of Use: The easy plug & play design and mobile app make MYLO user-friendly.
  5. Versatility: Unlike other pool safety devices, MYLO is always on, watching the pool even when in use.
  6. Intelligent Alerts: MYLO is equipped with underwater and above-water cameras, and its computer vision minimizes false alarms.
  7. Night Functionality: Even in darkness, MYLO can still monitor the pool using secondary sensors.
  8. Continuous Improvement: AI technology allows MYLO to learn, adapt, and reduce false alarms.


  1. Price: At $1,499, MYLO might be considered expensive for some potential buyers.
  2. Not a Complete Replacement: MYLO cannot replace all necessary precautions, such as adult supervision.
  3. Initial False Alarms: The system may generate more false alarms in the first couple of weeks before it fully adjusts to the pool's unique features.
  4. Dependence on Electricity: MYLO needs to be plugged in at all times, which might limit placement and could be a concern in terms of energy consumption.
  5. Visibility and Obstruction Issues: While MYLO can detect poor visibility or obstructions, these factors may still impact its functionality.
  6. Wi-Fi Dependence for App Notifications: Without a Wi-Fi range in the pool area, some of MYLO’s features (such as app notifications) may not function.

This product presents a technologically advanced solution for those seeking extra security for residential pools. The pros emphasize MYLO's innovative features and round-the-clock protection, while the cons highlight some limitations and considerations for potential users. Overall, MYLO offers a cutting-edge option for those willing to invest in enhanced pool safety.


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