Craft Racing Wheels CS Series: Aerodynamics, Speed, and Precision

Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Spoked Racing Wheels

Craft Racing Wheels' CS Series is like a well-orchestrated symphony, a melding of high performance, craftsmanship, and advanced technology that evokes the joy of smooth rides and adrenaline-fueled sprints. This is the kind of wheelset that gets your heart racing even before you're on the saddle.

In the vein of all things cutting-edge, Craft Racing Wheels have developed an innovative carbon spoked racing wheel, one that marries an ultra-light disc brake-specific rim with carbon spokes. This isn't a conventional arrangement you'd find out there; rather, it's the brainchild of a pursuit for optimisation and a relentless chase for performance.

The result? A beautiful and impressively light set of wheels, with the CS4045 model hitting the scales at a scant 1180g – less than three pounds! But let's not be too quick to equate lightness with frailty. These wheels boast an enviable robustness, supporting tyres up to 40mm in size, and with a 29mm external rim width that provides ample support for both tubeless and clincher configurations.

But how does Craft Racing Wheels achieve this feat of engineering? Look no further than the infusion of high modulus carbon and exotic alloys, and a patented design that bears testament to their unyielding obsession with weight optimisation. Staring through the clear coat of the rim reveals the splendid carbon construction, while the 7075-T6 aluminium hubs speak of countless hours of precision CNC crafting. Even the freehub body hasn't escaped the weight-watch, drilled with dimples for further weight reduction.

As you ponder on the delightful feat of engineering, you may question the wheel's ability to handle the force exerted by the brakes. A valid concern, but fear not. The carbon spokes, a mere 16 on the front wheel, cross-laced to share the load across eight of them, handle the forces just fine. Aerodynamics haven't been forgotten either, with the thinness of the spokes ensuring they cut through the air like hot knives through butter.

The different models in the series, namely the CS4045, CS5055, and CS5060, offer slight variations in weight, all falling under 1300g. Each of them has a unique rim depth and width, along with options for tyre sizes. The Shimano 11s, SRAM XDR, or Campagnolo compatible options provide a choice for every road rider.

For the price tag of $1,680.00, these wheelsets come complete with a front wheel, rear wheel, pre-installed tubeless tape, and tubeless valves. A wheel build card accompanying each set, signed and dated by the craftsman who built the wheel, adds a touch of personalized craftsmanship to the whole package.

The two-year limited warranty is a testament to the company's confidence in their product. While it doesn't cover misuse or accidental damage, Craft Racing Wheels assures to assess any accidental damage to find the best possible solution to get riders back on the road swiftly and affordably.

Do note the weight limit of 100kg – a threshold that includes the rider, bike, and any luggage. Even though testing goes above and beyond these limits, it's recommended to stay within them to ensure the longevity of the wheels.

All in all, the Craft Racing Wheels CS series is not just another set of wheels. They are a love letter to those with an insatiable thirst for speed, a desire for craftsmanship, and a deep appreciation for technological marvels. So, strap on your helmet, mount your bike, and let the ride of your life begin.


  1. Ultra-Lightweight Design: The use of carbon spokes and high-modulus carbon combined with exotic alloys makes the Craft Racing Wheels CS series extraordinarily light. This can significantly improve speed and maneuverability.
  2. Performance Optimized: The carbon spoked racing wheel design is a deliberate move to enhance wheel system optimisation and performance. The choice of cross-lacing the spokes helps to distribute the load evenly, further enhancing performance.
  3. Versatility: These wheelsets offer versatility with fat 29mm external rim width and compatibility with both tubeless and clincher configurations. Additionally, they are compatible with various drivetrains: Shimano 11s, SRAM XDR, or Campagnolo.
  4. Aerodynamic Efficiency: The wheels are designed for aerodynamic efficiency, with thin carbon spokes that slice through the air. The reduction in spokes also contributes to decreased aerodynamic drag.
  5. Detailed Craftsmanship: The wheels come with a build card signed and dated by the craftsman, adding a personalized touch and demonstrating a commitment to quality.
  6. Customer Support: Craft Racing Wheels offer a two-year limited warranty, and they express willingness to find affordable solutions for accidental damage.


  1. Price: Priced at $1,680.00 per wheelset, the CS series from Craft Racing Wheels might not be accessible for all cyclists, particularly those on a tight budget.
  2. Weight Limit: With a total system weight limit of 100kg, these wheels may not be suitable for heavier riders or those who carry a lot of luggage.
  3. Spoke Count: While the reduction in spokes contributes to weight and aerodynamic efficiency, some cyclists may have concerns about the durability and long-term reliability of a 16-spoke front wheel.
  4. Limited Warranty: While there is a two-year limited warranty, it doesn't cover misuse or accidental damage, which might be a concern for riders who frequently ride in challenging conditions or over rough terrain.


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