Forge+Bond Recyclable Thermoplastic Carbon Wheelsets: Recyclable Carbon Wheelsets Unveiled

Sustainable, high-performance, recyclable carbon wheels

Ah, the joy of finding something that combines the thrill of cycling with an environmentally responsible touch. Forge+Bond has truly hit a sweet spot with their recyclable thermoplastic carbon wheelsets, offering both performance and sustainability to those who care about the planet as much as they care about the ride.

What first struck me was the conscious effort to minimize their carbon footprint by manufacturing the wheels right in the USA. This dedication to quality and sustainability shows that Forge+Bond genuinely cares about the impact their products have on our beloved Earth.

The real game changer, though, is the 100% recyclable nature of these wheels. That's right – recyclable carbon fiber bike wheels! It's like a breath of fresh air in the cycling world, knowing that the remnants of our rides can be given new life as other composite parts. This commitment to a circular economy is admirable and should be celebrated.

Forge+Bond doesn't stop there. Their sustainable manufacturing, zero waste, lower emissions, and zero carbon dust are all aspects that make you feel proud to ride on their wheels. It's as if the company is shouting, “You're welcome, Earth!” and rightfully so.

Now, let's talk about the ride. These wheels promise to be the most damp and laterally stiff on the market, offering unmatched comfort and control. That's a combination that any adventurous soul would find hard to resist. And with a lifetime warranty and crash replacement, you can ride fearlessly, knowing that Forge+Bond has your back.

I truly believe that Forge+Bond's partnership with Protect Our Winters (POW) Bike Alliance is the icing on the cake. It demonstrates that they are dedicated not only to producing top-notch, eco-friendly products but also to preserving the environment we all cherish.

So, if you're in the market for high-performing wheels with a conscience, Forge+Bond's recyclable thermoplastic carbon wheelsets might just be the answer to your cycling dreams. With a price tag of $2,599, it's an investment, but one that could lead to countless thrilling rides and a better future for our planet.


  1. Environmentally friendly: The recyclable thermoplastic carbon wheelsets are 100% recyclable, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly cycling experience.
  2. Made in the USA: Manufacturing the wheels in the United States reduces the logistical carbon footprint and ensures a high level of quality.
  3. Lifetime warranty and crash replacement: Forge+Bond offers a lifetime warranty and crash replacement, giving riders peace of mind and confidence in their investment.
  4. Innovative material: The proprietary FusionFiber thermoplastic carbon-fiber material allows for the production of cycling components that can be recycled and reused indefinitely.
  5. High-performance: The wheelsets are designed to be damp and laterally stiff, providing unmatched comfort and control for an enjoyable cycling experience.
  6. Partnering with POW Bike Alliance: Forge+Bond's partnership with Protect Our Winters (POW) Bike Alliance demonstrates their commitment to environmental conservation and climate change awareness.


  1. Price: With a price tag of $2,599, the wheelsets might be considered expensive by some, making them a significant investment.
  2. Limited options: Currently, Forge+Bond offers only two wheelset options (30 EM 29” enduro MTB wheel and 25 GR 700c gravel wheels), which may not cater to all riders' preferences or needs.
  3. Niche market: The focus on environmentally friendly and recyclable materials may appeal to a specific group of cyclists, potentially limiting the product's market reach.
  4. New technology: As with any innovative product, there might be some concerns about the long-term durability or performance of the FusionFiber material when compared to traditional carbon-fiber composites.
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