Aluboo – Aluminium/Bamboo Bike

What's so great about a bike made of bamboo and aluminium other than good looks and environmentally friendly? It turns out bamboo is a good material for making bikes because they're strong, stiff, light, and absorb vibrations very well. Aluboo, by the makers of Boo Bikes, uses a special kind of bamboo that's stronger and denser other other bamboo species. Unlike the more expensive Boo Bike, the Aluboo uses aluminium and bamboo instead of carbon fibre and bamboo. This brings down the cost of making the bike considerably, making it more affordable. The bamboos are positioned on the bike such that vibrations from the road get absorbed by the bamboo before it reaches the rider. If you've always wanted a Boo Bike but can't afford it, the Aluboo is the next best thing. They've been successfully funded through Kickstarter and will soon be available for everyone.

$1000 when it was available on Kickstarter

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