Climb Steep Slopes Effortlessly: The Hi-Power Cycles 2kw Electric Bike Kit

High-powered, whisper-quiet mid-drive conversion

If you're the kind of person who lives to defy limitations, seeking thrills that make your heart throb and your pulse race, the Hi-Power Cycles 2000W Electric Bike Mid Drive Conversion Kit could be your golden ticket to the next adrenaline-soaked adventure.

You know, this kit, all new for 2019, is like the growling, untamed beast of mid-drive systems. Strapping it onto your ride is akin to drinking rocket fuel for breakfast. It's designed for the folks who push the pedal to the metal, offering a nerve-wracking, 2000+ watts of raw, exhilarating power.

What really gets me, though, is the blend of raw power and silence. This machine is whisper quiet; it's like a wildcat, sleek, strong and stealthy. And when you couple that with its USA made 48V 17.5ah battery system, an upgrade over the standard 1500W, you're looking at an e-bike kit that can go the distance.

Feel the adrenaline as the bike grinds its way up steep inclines, propelled by a monstrous torque output of over 155 ft lbs. It's like being in an adventure movie, surmounting vertical cliffs and exploring uncharted wilderness. Add some robust tires, tweak the gears to perfection, and I promise you, there's no challenge too great for this beast.

It's flexible too, fitting a wide range of bottom bracket sizes, from the commonplace 68mm-73mm to 100mm and 120mm. Plus, with some ingenuity and custom spacers, it could potentially fit other sizes as well. Just make sure to measure your bottom bracket and note the size when ordering.

Beyond its raw power, this kit comes bundled with some impressive features. Take the Helical gears for example, a godsend for those craving a smooth and quiet ride. Add to that the Waterproof Connectors, Intelligent LCD screen, and you've got a system built to endure and adapt to your unique challenges.

Speaking of challenges, it doesn't matter if you're pedaling across the windswept plains or up a challenging mountain trail, the 5 levels of Pedal Assist got your back, and you can override it with the throttle in any mode. If that's not enough, the system can be programmed up to 9 levels, ensuring your ride is as flexible as your spirit of adventure.

But hey, with all this power, you'd expect some weight, right? Think again. The entire assembly weighs only about 12 pounds. It's like having a mountain lion's power with a house cat's weight.

Now, the kit does come at a premium price, but I believe the value offered more than compensates for the dent in your wallet. The high-quality components, the customizable experience, and the sheer thrill of unparalleled power make it a worthy investment. Besides, a 3-year limited warranty backs this beauty, attesting to its durability and longevity.

This beastly kit transforms any ordinary bike into a force to be reckoned with, a force that would make you feel like you're slicing through the wind, undaunted, unstoppable. It's about chasing the horizon, conquering the unknown, living life in the fast lane, and feeling that exhilarating surge of freedom and strength. Now, who wouldn't want to experience that?


  1. Raw Power: With 2000+ watts of heart-pulsing power and 155+ ft lbs torque output, it's built to conquer steep climbs and heavy cargo with ease.
  2. Upgraded Battery System: The USA made 48V 17.5ah battery system offers enhanced range and performance compared to standard 1500W systems.
  3. Flexibility in Installation: This kit is compatible with a variety of common bottom bracket sizes, ensuring a wide range of bikes can be converted.
  4. Advanced Features: The system is packed with features like 5 levels of Pedal Assist, Helical gears for quiet operation, waterproof connectors, and an intelligent LCD screen.
  5. Lightweight: Despite the monstrous power, the system weighs only about 12 pounds, minimizing the added load to your bike.
  6. 3-Year Limited Warranty: The warranty provides assurance of the product's durability and quality.


  1. Price: The kit comes at a premium price of $1,995.00, which could be a deterrent for some potential buyers.
  2. Limited Customizability: While the system can be made to fit other bottom bracket sizes with custom spacers, the need for such customizations may add to the complexity and cost of the installation.
  3. Speed Restrictions: Depending on local laws and regulations, the 34+ mph top speed might be illegal on public roads in certain areas, limiting where the bike can be used.
  4. Complex Setup: With multiple components and features, setting up the kit might require some technical knowledge, potentially necessitating professional help.


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