CIVIVI Gordo Flipper Knife: Unveiling the Strength of Damascus and Elegance of Guibourtia Wood

Robust, Versatile, Beautiful, Compact, Reliable

The journey of a thousand miles, or in my case, a myriad of destinations around the globe, often begins with a single tool, a faithful companion that must be as adaptable as the explorer themselves. One such piece of gear that strikes me is the CIVIVI Gordo Flipper Knife with a Guibourtia wood handle. This isn't just a tool—it's a piece of artwork, a symbol of a world that values fine craftsmanship and materials.

The Gordo, as its Spanish moniker suggests, is a knife with substance. Its solid form, with an overall length of 6.32 inches, holds a commanding presence in your hand, yet its width of 1.62 inches and overall height of 0.56 inches, including the clip, maintains a modest profile, making it conveniently portable.

A marvel of design from the mind of Peter Carey, it sports a beautifully intricate Damascus blade. The distinctive swirling patterns on the blade are as hypnotizing as they are durable. With a hardness of 58-60HRC, this blade will stand the test of time, and possibly outlast many of the most memorable adventures you'll undertake.

At the heart of the Gordo is its blade, a drop point, measuring a stout 2.51 inches with a thickness of 0.12 inches. There's something about a drop point blade that, in my mind, harks back to a simpler time—a time of pioneers and explorers. Coupled with the hollow grind, this blade is a trusty companion for a range of tasks, promising versatility in every edge.

The handle is no less impressive. Crafted from Guibourtia wood, each piece tells a story of its own. Its natural grains and color variations make each Gordo unique. This wooden handle isn't just about aesthetics; it lends a sense of connection to nature, grounding the user in the moment. It's substantial, too, at a thickness of 0.39 inches, providing a robust, comfortable grip.

Underneath the wooden scales lies a stainless steel liner, finished in black for a subtly stylish contrast. The liner lock mechanism promises secure use and easy closure, while the caged ceramic ball bearing pivot assembly assures a smooth, reliable blade deployment every time.

A knife wouldn't be complete without its pocket clip. Here, we find a tip-up, right carry clip made of stainless steel, matching the screws and thumb stud material. This detail, albeit small, shows an emphasis on durability and longevity.

Despite its robust build, the Gordo is surprisingly light, tipping the scales at just 2.76oz. That's about the same as a small apple, yet this knife packs far more potential.

In my humble opinion, the CIVIVI Gordo is more than just a knife. It's a testament to craftsmanship, a nod to the beauty of natural materials, and a reliable companion for life's many adventures. It speaks of an appreciation for the finer things in life, yet it doesn't shy away from getting its hands dirty.

With the Gordo in your pocket, you're prepared for whatever the world might throw at you. It's an item for those who appreciate life's journeys, the stories that unfold along the way, and the tools that make those stories possible. So here's to your journey, and the trusty Gordo that will inevitably become an integral part of it.

The Gordo is also available with Micarta or G10 handles for about $20 less.


  1. Unique and Beautiful Design: The Damascus blade and Guibourtia wood handle make each Gordo knife a one-of-a-kind piece. This makes it both an effective tool and a beautiful item to possess.
  2. High-Quality Materials: The use of Damascus steel and Guibourtia wood in the construction of the knife indicates a dedication to durability and longevity. The hardness of 58-60HRC for the blade suggests that it will retain its edge for a long time.
  3. Versatile Blade Shape: The drop point blade is ideal for a wide range of tasks, making this knife a versatile tool for both everyday use and outdoor adventures.
  4. Lightweight Yet Solid: Despite its robust construction, the Gordo weighs in at a mere 2.76oz, making it conveniently portable without compromising on its solidity.
  5. Secure Locking Mechanism: The liner lock mechanism assures secure use and easy closure, a crucial feature in any reliable folding knife.
  6. Smooth Blade Deployment: The caged ceramic ball bearing pivot assembly ensures a smooth, reliable blade deployment every time.
  7. Comfortable Grip: The substantial thickness of the wooden handle provides a comfortable and secure grip.
  8. Affordable: Priced at $87.65, the Gordo offers excellent value given its design, materials, and overall functionality.


  1. Right Carry Clip: The knife is designed with a right-carry clip, which could be inconvenient for left-handed users.
  2. Care Required for Wood Handle: While the Guibourtia wood handle is beautiful, it may require more care and maintenance than synthetic handles to preserve its appearance and integrity.
  3. Lack of Blade Finish Specification: The blade finish isn't specified, leaving potential buyers uncertain about this aspect of the knife.
  4. Shorter Blade Length: With a blade length of 2.51 inches, it may not be suitable for larger tasks that require a longer cutting edge.
  5. Pocket Clip Not Reversible: The pocket clip is not reversible, which could limit carrying options for some users.


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