Adidas x Norse Projects Terrex Skychaser 2: High-Performance Hiking Footwear with a Stylish Twist

High-performance, Stylish, Sustainable Adventure Footwear

There's a sense of journey in every object, in every creation. A story to be told, a character to be unfolded. As I lay my eyes on the adidas x Norse Projects Terrex Skychaser 2, I see a beautiful synthesis of design and functionality, a testament to the spirit of the adventurous, and a nod to the mysterious charm of the Faroe Islands.

Inspired by the raw beauty of these far-off lands, this shoe is a memento of their rugged charm and relentless unpredictability. It embodies the character of the islands' glassy black rocks in its deep navy blue and moody Ash Black tone, a hue that talks to the heart of the wanderer and whispers tales of untrodden paths and untamed terrains.

When you're embracing the wild or even cruising through an urban jungle, what you don on your feet isn't just an accessory, it's your partner, a faithful comrade. The Terrex Skychaser 2, with its 2-way stretch woven nylon upper, extends this companionship. It's built to be flexible, to dance with your movements yet withstand the challenges of time and terrain.

Take a moment to admire the genius that lies in the details. The TPU heel counter at the back provides the steadiness you need when you're flirting with the unknown. Add to that, the seamless TPU and PU hot melt overlays. They lend the shoe an edge, a robustness, reinforcing it, readying it for the road less traveled.

Each stride you take is cushioned by the Boost sole and EVA midsole. It's the kind of comfort that lets you wander far and wide without wearing you down. This shoe is an invitation, coaxing you to take that extra step, to explore just a little further.

Topping it all off is the Continental™ Rubber outsole. Whether the road is slick with rain or dry as a bone, this outsole promises unshakeable grip. It's a pledge of trust, a guarantee that no matter the circumstances, you're in good hands, or rather, good shoes.

This collection is a tribute to the ethos of being “Good for All Seasons.” A testament to adaptability, resilience, and style, the adidas x Norse Projects Terrex Skychaser 2 doesn't just make a statement; it becomes a part of your journey.

To the adventurers, the explorers, the urban nomads, and those with an undying love for the outdoors, this shoe is your story waiting to be told. It's not just gear; it's a companion, an ally, a testament to your spirit. After all, it's not just about where you go, it's about what you take with you.


  1. Sturdy Construction: The 2-way stretch woven nylon upper, with 8% elastane, delivers robustness and flexibility. It's designed to endure, whether you're navigating a rocky trail or strutting down an urban street.
  2. Stability & Support: The TPU heel counter at the rear offers enhanced stability and support, aiding you through your adventures and providing an added layer of safety.
  3. Cushioning: With a Boost sole and EVA midsole, the shoe provides exceptional cushioning and responsiveness. This makes for comfortable, longer periods of wear and a spring in every step.
  4. Superior Traction: The Continental™ Rubber outsole offers extraordinary traction in both wet and dry conditions, enhancing your confidence in tackling various terrains.
  5. Aesthetics and Sustainability: The deep navy and moody Ash Black shades are inspired by the natural beauty of the Faroe Islands. Plus, with elements composed of recycled materials, you'll be making a sustainable fashion statement.


  1. Price: At $250, the adidas x Norse Projects Terrex Skychaser 2 is a high-end product. This price point may be a barrier for those seeking budget-friendly alternatives.
  2. Color Options: The design currently seems to be available only in a deep navy and moody Ash Black shade. This may not appeal to those seeking a variety of color options.
  3. Maintenance: Given the materials and design elements used, maintenance could be a potential challenge. It might require specific cleaning and care practices to retain the shoe's look and functionality.
  4. Not For Everyone: These shoes are designed with a particular focus on outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking functional, performance-oriented footwear. As such, they might not appeal to individuals looking for casual, everyday wear shoes.


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