ChopFit Chopper an expensive Fitness Axe

chopfit axe in use

A $139 Axe that cannot cut wood

You can get a really good axe like the Fiskar x27 Super Splitting Axe for a lot cheaper ($70) and use it to cut some wood and get a really good workout. 

However, if you live in a place where cutting wood is just not possible but you still want a good workout from wielding an axe, you can probably do so safely with the ChopFit Chopper.

The Chopper is an axe with no sharp edges designed purely for exercise. It only weighs 4 lbs but depending on where you hold it, it can give you a workload of up to 16 lbs. For the types of movements and intensity shown in the included app, the weight can be significant.

The ChopFit Chopper is nothing new

Maces, clubs, and sledgehammers have been used as a tool for working out for quite a while. The Chopper is essentially the same thing with a different shape.

However, the Chopper is really expensive compared to similar offerings. For example the 7lb Onnit Steel Mace is sold for $27.95 (at the time of writing). For $133.90 you can get a pair of 25lb Onnit Steel Club, which is still cheaper than the $139 ChopFit Chopper. A pair of 5lb Onnit Steel Clubs can be yours for $39.90.

Also, the ChopFit app is a free download on iOS. To save money, you can probably make do with a Onnit mace (or a cheaper option) and use the app for the workout. Currently, the ChopFit axe is just too expensive.


  • Compact
  • Comes with free workout app


  • Expensive
  • There are cheaper and potentially better options
  • Less durable than other options (cannot be used to hammer)
  • Not waterproof


For what it is, the ChopFit Chopper is too expensive. It may be a good way to work out but there are other options out that are cheaper and likely better.

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