Chaves Redencion 229: Iconic Design Meets Lee Williams’ Engineering Brilliance

Bold, Durable, Innovative, Sleek, Kickstop Flipper

As I hold the Chaves Redencion 229 in my hand, it feels like holding a beast – a beautiful, well-crafted beast. The weight, the balance, the bite, it's like a symphony in my hand.

For the thrill-seekers, for those who love to dive into life headfirst, here's a knife that understands your spirit. This bad boy is more than a tool, it's a statement. An accomplice, ready to join you on your untamed adventures.

Your hand will immediately appreciate the G10 handles – they're as lightweight as they are robust. They give you that perfect grip, not just to hold, but to control, with an intimacy that'll feel like an extension of your own will.

The blade itself is a thing of beauty, a stonewashed Bohler M390 steel that's got both durability and aesthetics going for it. Compact yet stout, the 3.63″ blade can tackle whatever you throw at it. The dual thumb studs provide a seamless and swift deployment, a touch that speaks volumes about its thoughtful design.

Now, we can't talk about this masterpiece without mentioning the Lee Williams Kickstop flipper tab. A name that's known to stir hearts among knife enthusiasts. The ingenious design allows for a smooth flip, while retracting neatly to keep the sleek look intact. It's like that extra touch of swagger, which only the keenest eyes will notice.

The Redencion 229 also sports a notoriously strong detent – just the kind of security and strength you'd expect from this iconic line. Accompanied by a rock-solid frame lock and a lock bar insert, it's built to stand the test of time.

The anodized custom hardware and the skull titanium pocket clip are just the cherry on top – a signature emblem of defiance and audacity.

This piece isn't just about its physical dimensions; it's about the dimension it adds to your persona. Yes, it has the measurements down to the tee – with an overall length of 8.22″, a cutting edge of 3.25″, and the blade width and thickness at 1.25″ and 0.16″ respectively. But the numbers only tell a part of the story.

Handcrafted by Reate Knives and designed by Ramon Chavez himself, the Chaves Redencion 229 isn't just another knife – it's a testament to craftsmanship, performance, and style. And, while it might not come cheap, it's certainly worth every penny, every cent of that $400 price tag.

In the end, this isn't just a knife; it's a wild spirit captured in metal. It’s not just a tool, it's a companion, a statement of who you are. If there's one thing I've learned from my journeys, it's that life is too short for mediocrity. So, why settle for an ordinary knife when you can have the Redencion 229? Embrace the badassery.


  1. High-Quality Blade: The Bohler M390 blade is renowned for its excellent wear resistance and superior cutting performance. It's also stonewashed, enhancing its durability and giving it an appealing, rugged look.
  2. Lee Williams Kickstop Flipper Tab: This feature enhances the ease of blade deployment while maintaining a sleek profile when the knife is opened. It adds an innovative and functional feature to the knife design.
  3. Strong Detent: Known for their strong detents, the Redencion 229 stays true to this reputation, ensuring maximum security and strength when the blade is closed.
  4. Durable and Lightweight Handles: The G10 handles provide an excellent grip, are incredibly durable, and offer maximum lightweight performance.
  5. Solid Frame Lock: The robust frame lock mechanism ensures the blade stays in place when open, providing safety and confidence during use.
  6. Iconic Design Elements: The Chaves Skull pocket clip and anodized custom hardware add to the knife's unique aesthetic appeal.


  1. Price: With a price tag of $400, the Redencion 229 may be a significant investment for some. However, the quality, design, and features it offers can justify the price for serious knife enthusiasts.
  2. Strong Detent: While the strong detent is a security feature, it may require a bit more force to overcome when flipping the blade open. This could be seen as a downside by some users.
  3. Size: With an overall length of 8.22″ and a blade length of 3.63″, the Redencion 229 is a substantial knife. For those who prefer more compact knives for everyday carry, this size might be a drawback.
  4. Weight: Although the G10 handles are lightweight, the overall weight of the knife might still be substantial due to the heavy-duty materials used, potentially making it less comfortable for prolonged carry for some users.
  5. Availability: Given that these knives are crafted in collaboration with Reate Knives and often in limited quantities, they can be difficult to acquire, potentially leading to long wait times.


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