Trail Tough, Rider Ready: The Ride Concepts Tallac BOA

Durable, Comfortable, Protective, Precise, Trail-ready

Imagine that you're an adventurer, taking on the rough and tumble of the backcountry, you and your bike against the elements. You want a companion for your feet, and that's where the Tallac BOA comes in, a beacon of high performance and durability.

Think of it as a veritable Swiss Army Knife for your feet. The BOA Fit System, with its precision-focused dial, ensures you get a snug, comfortable fit. Plus, those TX4 laces are strong and flexible, so no worries about breaking a lace in the middle of nowhere. And, a fully gusseted tongue keeps the debris of the trail out of your shoe. Trust me, you'll thank me later for this tip.

The Cordura mesh upper is a breathable haven for your foot, light yet incredibly durable, a comforting cocoon against the harsh trail. The anti-bacterial mesh lining keeps things fresh, even if the same can't be said about you after an all-day ride.

With the MAX GRIP rubber outsole, you're getting a firm grip on the pedals, a reliable ally for those steep, heart-stopping descents. The hexagonal pattern on the toe and heel helps you stay on your feet when you need to do some hiking.

For those who crave comfort, the EVA midsole offers support and shock absorption. This is paired with the D3O High Impact Zone Technology insole, reducing fatigue and ensuring you're ready for another round.

Protection is paramount, and the TPU mud guard and reinforced anti-abrasion film on the toe and heel make sure your feet stay protected from dirt and debris. This is essential kit for those unafraid to venture off the beaten path.

The Ride Concepts Tallac BOA is made for riders who value performance, comfort, and durability, for those who see a mountain trail not as an obstacle, but an invitation. They may weigh in at 485g per shoe, but consider it a fair trade-off for the protection and performance they offer.

As for fit, the medium volume last can accommodate a variety of foot shapes. So, if you're on the larger side of foot dimensions, simply sizing half a size up will do the trick.

To sum it up, if you're looking for a shoe that'll see you through epic trail rides, hike-able climbs, and breath-taking descents, while ensuring maximum protection and comfort, this is your perfect match. Strap on a pair of Tallac BOA, saddle up, and take on the world. Ride on, my friend.


  1. BOA Fit System and TX4 Laces: These ensure a snug, micro-adjustable fit. No need to worry about laces coming loose or breaking mid-ride.
  2. Durable and Lightweight Construction: The Cordura mesh upper is light but tough, providing breathability and protection for the foot.
  3. MAX GRIP Rubber Outsole: This offers a confident and reliable connection with the pedal, important for controlling your bike on challenging trails.
  4. Shock Absorption and Comfort: The EVA midsole and D3O High Impact Zone Technology insole provide support and shock absorption, reducing fatigue on long rides.
  5. Protection Features: The TPU mud guard, reinforced anti-abrasion film, and gusseted tongue keep your feet safe from dirt, debris, and abrasion.


  1. Weight: At 485g per shoe, some riders may find them slightly heavier than other trail shoes on the market.
  2. Fit: The medium volume last may not be suitable for all foot shapes. Those with larger feet may need to size up, and it might not be a perfect fit for people with very narrow feet.
  3. Price: Priced at $190, these shoes may not be within everyone's budget. However, the high-quality materials and technology used could make it a worthwhile investment for dedicated trail riders.


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