Discover the Canyon Neuron: A New Age of Mountain Biking

Innovative, Lightweight, Versatile, Advanced, Trail-Ready

It’s a peculiar sensation: traveling through unknown trails, where the sensation of air against your face and the rhythmic churn of wheels beneath become meditative. A sudden exploration, as your eyes dance around to embrace the undulating terrain, the Neuron offers you a symphony of balance, responsiveness, and agility.

In its structure, this beast hides a nuanced balance – it’s lighter, shaving off a crucial 200 grams, but with no compromise on sturdiness. It’s like the jazz rhythms of New Orleans: every component seamlessly integrates, offering the perfect harmony. The revamped geometry, especially with the 76-degree seat tube, is designed with the same intention as any soulful ballad – to help you push on and endure longer stretches, without ever feeling out of tune.

The Triple Phase Suspension system is a marvel, just like the three-act structure of any great narrative. The initial traction and grip, the mid-stroke momentum, and the progressive ramp-up towards the end form a triumphant crescendo. This Neuron whispers the tales of countless hours of craftsmanship, ensuring each pivot point and suspension junction offers both reliability and a bit of magic.

And as with any journey into the unknown, it’s the little touches that matter. The internal cable routing, the innovative frame protection, and the replaceable downtube protector are not just features; they're odes to the love for exploration, ensuring every ride is both an adventure and a comforting embrace.

Now, if you crave more thrill, the Neuron:ON series amps it up, quite literally. A reliable companion for those who want to push the boundaries, the powerful Bosch motor or the trusty Shimano, depending on your choice, gives you that extra zest. Whether you’re tackling untamed terrains or just wanting to feel that rush of adrenaline, it's a reassuring hand on your back, guiding you to new horizons.

In essence, the Neuron series, be it the carbon elegance of the CF, the rugged might of the AL, or the electrifying charm of the ON, is not just a bike. It’s a conduit to tales untold, paths untraveled, and memories waiting to be forged. Adventure is not just a concept; it's a promise. And with the Neuron by your side, you're not just equipped; you're beckoned.


  1. Lightweight Construction: Both the carbon (Neuron CF) and alloy (Neuron AL) models have reduced weight, making the ride nimble and efficient.
  2. Advanced Geometry: Updated geometry offers more confidence, especially in technical terrains, allowing for better climbing, descending, and overall handling.
  3. Triple Phase Suspension: Maximises the use of rear travel to provide better traction, high-speed stability, and resilience against big hits.
  4. State-of-the-art Frame Protection: Features like chain shields, chainstay protection, and an integrated downtube protector ensure the bike's longevity.
  5. Maintenance Friendly: Simplified internal cable routing, universal derailleur hanger, and reinforced pivot points indicate easier and less frequent maintenance.
  6. Variety in Sizing: Multiple frame sizes with specific wheel sizes ensure riders get a fit that's tailored to them.
  7. Powerful E-Bike Options: The Neuron:ON models are equipped with powerful motors (both Bosch and Shimano) and advanced battery technology, making climbing and long-distance riding easier.
  8. Connected Features: With the Bosch eBike Flow app, riders can track, control, and ensure their bike's security.
  9. Comprehensive Features: Features like adjustable chain guard, replaceable downtube protector, and bolt-on frame bags show attention to detail and user convenience.
  10. Versatility: The bike seems to cater to a wide range of riders, from beginners to advanced, and from trail enthusiasts to e-bike adventurers.


  1. Complex Choices: With so many models and options, some riders might find it overwhelming to select the right bike for their needs.
  2. Battery Fixedness: While the e-bike versions have powerful batteries, they are fixed, which may not appeal to those who prefer removable e-bike batteries for easy charging.
  3. Price: Not mentioned in the text, but the extensive features and tech integrations might put some of these models at a higher price point, potentially limiting accessibility for some potential buyers.
  4. Weight of E-Bikes: E-bikes, especially those with larger batteries, tend to be heavier, which might not be ideal for those who prioritize lightweight bikes.
  5. App Dependency: Some functionalities, like security and tuning, depend on apps. Riders who prefer non-connected bikes might see this as a con.
  6. Battery Life Variability: The stated approximate range for the e-bike batteries (82 km for 750Wh and 68 km for 625Wh) might vary significantly based on numerous factors, potentially not meeting all riders' expectations.

From $1,499

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