Burchtree Bladeworks Euclid – Elegance Meets Functionality in a Knife

Precision flipper knife, elite craftsmanship.

In the world of crafted steel, where functionality weds form in an everlasting bond, there stands a piece that embodies this union with a grace that belies its rugged capability—the Burchtree Bladeworks Euclid Production Folding Knife. Crafted with the precision that would satisfy the sharpest of connoisseurs, this knife doesn't scream for attention with gimmicks; it confidently whispers of its perfection.

Holding the Euclid is like shaking hands with a promise of enduring quality. The titanium handle, inlaid with the enigmatic Dark Matter FatCarbon, feels like a natural extension of your grip, offering a seamless fit that suggests it was made just for you. It's the details that captivate—the slender titanium pivot collars and the backspacer, the hardened steel lock insert that doubles as an overtravel arrestor, and a covert lanyard point for those who prefer their essentials tethered.

The blade, a 3.125-inch triumph of M390 stainless steel, features a drop point style that's as versatile as it is visually striking. Hollow ground, with a satin finish that plays with light and shadow, it's a cutting edge that brings confidence to each slice. The ceramic bearing pivot, a feat of engineering, launches the blade from its titanium fortress with a flipper tab action so smooth, it feels like it's powered by thought rather than force.

This knife isn't just a tool; it's a companion for those who demand excellence as a standard. It's an everyday carry for the person who understands that the value of a thing is in its use and its beauty in its function. Priced at $380, it stands as a testament to the craftsmanship of Michael Burch, brought to life by Reate Knives. It's a piece that doesn't just fill a space in your pocket—it fills a role in your life. So, if you're someone who's been longing for a Burch original but haven't had the stars align, the Euclid is more than just a consolation—it's your new benchmark for quality.


  1. High-Quality Blade Material: The M390 stainless steel used for the blade is known for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  2. Ergonomic Design: The natural thumb ramp and handle inlays ensure a comfortable and powerful grip.
  3. Smooth Deployment: Features a ceramic bearing pivot for rapid and smooth blade deployment.
  4. Durable Handle: Titanium handle with Dark Matter FatCarbon inlays offers a robust yet sophisticated look.
  5. Versatile Blade Style: The drop point blade style is versatile for various cutting tasks.
  6. Precision Engineering: The attention to detail in the design, such as the thin titanium pivot collars and backspacer, speaks to its refined construction.
  7. Secure Locking Mechanism: Equipped with a bolster lock that ensures blade stability when in use.


  1. Price Point: At $380, it may be considered expensive for those on a budget or casual users.
  2. Limited Carry Options: The pocket clip is designed for tip-up, right carry, which may not suit all users.
  3. Weight: Weighing over 5 ounces, it may be heavy for those who prefer a lighter knife for everyday carry.
  4. Complex Maintenance: The intricate components such as ceramic bearings may require specialized care for maintenance.
  5. Availability: As a production knife that mimics custom quality, it may not have the same exclusivity or collectible value as a custom piece.


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