Soul Waterman SuperSkipper & SuperSkip RR: Pioneering Kayak Performance

Advanced whitewater kayaking innovation

The world of whitewater kayaking is about to experience a thrilling evolution with the introduction of Soul Waterman's SuperSkipper and SuperSkip RR. These kayaks, designed by the renowned Corran Addison, are set to redefine what we expect from our river-running gear. With nearly four decades of experience, Addison's designs have consistently pushed the boundaries, and these latest creations are no exception.

The SuperSkipper, a masterpiece of design, is engineered to tackle the challenges of creek boating. Its unique ability to maintain speed and direction while ricocheting across the water like a skipping stone is a game-changer. This kayak is designed to handle the roughest waters with grace, ensuring that paddlers can navigate chaotic flows with precision. Its innovative design allows for a controlled descent on big drops, arcing progressively to the surface while moving downstream. This ensures safety and stability in situations where it's most needed.

Then there's the SuperSkip RR, the zippier, sportier sibling of the SuperSkipper. This version retains the core qualities of the SuperSkipper but adds an exciting twist – the ability to pivot the tail. This feature allows for quick, precise turns, giving paddlers added control and a more dynamic experience on the water. It's the ideal choice for those who seek an adrenaline rush without compromising on safety.

What's truly innovative about these models is their compatibility. Designed to be used in tandem, they offer a versatile approach to kayaking, much like a golfer selects clubs from a bag. This pairing allows paddlers to switch seamlessly between the two kayaks, adapting to the river's conditions without needing an adjustment period. It's a concept that brings a new level of predictability and safety to the sport.

Both models boast impressive specs, with the SuperSkipper measuring 9 feet in length and 27 inches in width, and the SuperSkip RR slightly smaller at 8'11” in length and 26.75 inches in width. The thoughtful design elements, like the curve of the bow deck matching the bow rocker and the straight line from the seat to the tail, showcase Addison's attention to detail and understanding of what paddlers need.

Soul Waterman is offering a special introductory deal, reflecting their confidence in these kayaks. Purchasing both models before a certain date entitles buyers to a significant discount, a tempting offer for enthusiasts looking to upgrade their gear.

In conclusion, the SuperSkipper and SuperSkip RR are not just new kayaks; they represent a new era in whitewater kayaking. They cater to both the safety-conscious and the thrill-seekers, offering an unprecedented level of control and versatility. Whether braving challenging rapids or enjoying a more relaxed river run, these kayaks are equipped to enhance the experience. With Addison's legacy in design, it's clear these kayaks are set to make significant waves in the world of paddlesports.


  1. Innovative Design: The SuperSkipper boasts a design that allows it to skip across the water while maintaining speed and direction, which is crucial for navigating complex flows and rapid descents.
  2. Enhanced Control: The SuperSkip RR's tail pivot feature offers paddlers improved maneuverability and precision, which is beneficial for those looking to execute tight turns and technical moves.
  3. Versatility: Both kayaks are designed to work as a pair, providing seamless transition between styles without an adaptation period, much like having two specialized tools in one's kit.
  4. Safety Features: The SuperSkipper is engineered to handle big drops with a progressive arc, aiding in keeping the kayak moving downstream, which increases safety during potentially dangerous descents.
  5. Easier Hole Escape: With specific attention to volume distribution and shape, these kayaks are designed to make it easier to escape from holes, a common and challenging situation in whitewater kayaking.


  1. Cost: With a price tag of $1,900 for each model, these kayaks represent a significant investment, which might be prohibitive for some enthusiasts.
  2. Learning Curve: Despite their design for easy transition, the unique features of these boats may require a learning period, particularly for kayakers who are not used to such responsive and agile crafts.
  3. Specialized Use: As these kayaks are designed with specific conditions in mind, they might not be as versatile for all-around recreational use compared to more traditional models.
  4. Size and Volume: The specific dimensions and volume of these kayaks might not suit all paddlers, especially those who are outside the average size range that the boats are designed for.
  5. Accessibility: The special offer requires purchasing both kayaks to benefit from the discount, which might not be feasible for all paddlers, limiting the deal's accessibility.


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