BRABUS XLP 900 6×6 Superblack: Power Meets Elegance in this Unstoppable Off-Road Behemoth

Powerful, Luxurious, Versatile, Imposing, Unstoppable

Ah, the BRABUS XLP 900 6×6 Superblack, the embodiment of an adventurous spirit melding into an undeniable luxury. It's a six-wheeled titan, born from the juxtaposition of urban landscapes and the wild. It's as if this brute carries the echo of the city streets and the whisper of the wilderness under its hood. Crafted from the Mercedes-AMG G 63, it stands as an invitation to explore the limitless reach of luxury off-roading.

In terms of design and exterior, this vehicle turns heads. Think of it as the marriage of raw, unapologetic power with the utmost level of sophistication. Its formidable six-wheel setup and ground clearance of 47.3 centimeters promise an uncompromised off-road experience. Its carbon fiber elements exude the undeniable “1-Second-Wow” factor. Every curve, every angle is a challenge to your imagination of what an off-road journey should feel like.

Underneath that robust exterior is a powerplant eager to unleash its fury. A 4.5-liter BRABUS Rocket 900 engine sits at the heart of the beast, feeding the BRABUS XLP 900 6×6 Superblack's hunger for power with a monumental 900 hp output. With a torque of 1,250 Nm, and a sprint from 0-100 km/h in 5.2 seconds, this giant defies its size, echoing the thrill of a sports car.

The chassis of this monster isn't just designed for looks, it's a work of engineering marvel. Six robust wheels, each a testament to the vehicle's strength and durability, move this behemoth with a force that seems to defy nature. Its suspension system promises to take on any terrain with ease, making this machine your trusted companion, be it on a beaten path or a rocky terrain.

On the inside, you're stepping into a haven of luxury. The cabin, lined with the finest black leather and Dinamica microfiber, adds an exquisite touch to your adventure. The details are countless – from the BRABUS “Triangle” quilting pattern to the switches and speaker covers glazed in Shadow Gray. It's an immersive luxury experience, leaving no room for compromise.

When you talk about the BRABUS XLP 900 6×6 Superblack, you're talking about a vehicle that does not conform, a machine that defies boundaries, and most importantly, a companion that invites you to embrace your wild side while swaddled in luxury. It's more than just a vehicle; it's a testament to the spirit of exploration and freedom.


  1. Superior Performance: With a 900 hp engine and 1250 Nm torque, the BRABUS XLP 900 6×6 Superblack offers remarkable off-road performance, capable of 0-100 km/h in just 5.2 seconds.
  2. Unrivalled Off-road Capability: Thanks to its six-wheel drive system and ground clearance of 47.3 cm, the vehicle demonstrates excellent off-road prowess, capable of handling any terrain.
  3. Sophisticated Design: The Superblack showcases an elegant design that speaks to luxury and sophistication, standing out with its unique six-wheel configuration and sleek all-black exterior.
  4. High-quality Interior: The meticulously handcrafted interior is marked by high-grade materials like black leather, Dinamica microfiber, and carbon fiber, creating an upscale environment.
  5. Exclusive Features: The Superblack comes with additional exclusive features such as integrated rope winch, special aluminum suspension, and a high-performance exhaust system.


  1. High Cost: At a price point of $1,300,000, the Superblack is clearly designed for the high-end market, making it unaffordable for many consumers.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: With a combined fuel economy of 18.1 l/100km, the Superblack isn't the most fuel-efficient vehicle, which could be a concern for potential owners.
  3. Limited Practicality: Given its size and design, the Superblack may not be practical for everyday use or for driving in heavily congested urban environments.
  4. Restricted Speed: Despite its powerful engine, the top speed is electronically limited to 210 km/h to protect the heavy-duty all-terrain tires.
  5. Maintenance and Running Costs: As a luxury vehicle with high-end specifications, the Superblack is likely to have high maintenance and running costs.


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