Lemmo One: Redefining E-Bike Flexibility with Dual Mode Technology

Flexible, Smart, Sustainable, Secure, Lightweight

Ah, Berlin, where tradition meets innovation, and where history collides with the future. Amidst this cultural melting pot, a remarkable piece of technology emerges, embodying the city's unique essence – the Lemmo One.

Fascinatingly versatile, the Lemmo One is far more than a typical e-bike. It's a seamless blend of sporty dynamism and modern convenience, perfectly designed to cater to the ever-changing rhythms of urban life. Its dual-mode hub is an innovative triumph, allowing an effortless switch between E-mode for a swift, sweat-free commute and M-mode for a more leisurely, traditional ride.

The hallmark of this allroad machine is its Smartpac. This compact powerhouse brings a plethora of features together in one sleek package. From powering a 100km ride to fast-charging laptops or drones via USB-A and USB-C connectors, the Smartpac truly brings the concept of multi-tasking to life.

The Lemmo One doesn't compromise on safety either. With its robust e-lock and alarm system, along with an integrated GPS tracker, it delivers peace of mind, allowing you to park with confidence, regardless of where your adventures take you.

What I find truly intriguing about the Lemmo One is its approach to sustainability. The bike's ‘long life design' is a testament to the blend of durability and upgradability, promoting a more responsible way to commute.

Moreover, the offering of a monthly subscription service for the Smartpac ensures flexibility and an accessible entry point, highlighting Lemmo's commitment to serving a wide range of customers.

It is this blend of innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity that sets the Lemmo One apart in the bustling e-bike market. It's not just a transportation device; it's an expression of Berlin's pulsating spirit and a nod to the city's embracement of the future.

Whether it's for a spirited ride around the city, an efficient commute to work, or a laid-back exploration of urban landscapes, the Lemmo One is poised to redefine the way we perceive and experience mobility.

Lemmo's dedication to making e-biking a truly pleasurable experience, free from the traditional constraints of resistance and limited battery life, resonates in its designs. This commitment makes the Lemmo One not just a RedDot winner, but truly the best of the best.


  1. Versatility: The dual mode system provides an easy switch between e-bike and traditional bike modes, offering flexibility for different riding situations.
  2. Smartpac Features: The Smartpac is multi-functional, offering integrated e-parts, power for a 100km ride, fast charging for laptops, phones, and drones via USB-A and USB-C connectors.
  3. Safety Measures: The bike includes an integrated GPS tracker, a robust e-lock, an alarm system, and high-quality front and rear lights for enhanced safety and security.
  4. Sustainability: The long life design approach, including upgradable smart tech and reusing or recycling the Smartpac's old batteries, supports sustainability.
  5. Subscription Service: The Smartpac's monthly subscription service offers flexibility and a cost-effective entry option.
  6. Lightweight: At only 15kg (without the battery), the Lemmo One is ideal for diverse riding activities such as touring, commuting, and casual sport riding.


  1. Price: The initial cost of purchasing the bike and Smartpac together or separately might be prohibitive for some potential customers.
  2. Battery Lifespan: The Smartpac battery only maintains 80% capacity after about 800 charges, which might require replacement or downgrade after substantial use.
  3. Reliance on E-Parts: All the electronic parts are housed in the Smartpac. If it malfunctions, it could impact multiple functionalities of the bike.
  4. Maintenance and Upgrades: The separation of e-technology and the structural part of the bike might lead to potential difficulties in maintenance and upgrades.
  5. Subscription Cost: While providing flexibility, the recurring cost of the Smartpac subscription service could add up over time, making the overall ownership cost higher.
  6. Lack of Resistance in M-mode: For those looking for a workout, the lack of resistance in the M-mode might be a downside.

From €1,090 (about US$1,184)

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