Bobsla Motorized Snow Kart more fun than sledding

For Winter Resorts

There are plenty of things to do at a ski resort and with the Bobsla, there's one more thing to look forward to – cruising the snowy plains with a motorized electric kart. Part lowrider snowmobile, part sled, the Bobsled has a pair of tracks on the rear driven by a 12-kW dual-motor to take you up to 30-km/h (18.6-mph) on snow.

Using a system of levers instead of a steering wheel, the Bobsla turns great, seems to be easy to drive, and a lot of fun. You can easily make it drift even if you're a beginner.

There might be a way for you to buy the Bobsla for personal use but as of writing, the vehicle is targeted towards snow resorts where residents can pay €20 for a 15 minute ride.

Since the battery on a Bobsla is swappable, the resort can keep the fleet running all-day. It takes 2 hours to fully charge the Bobsla from empty.

The first one to have the Bobsla available for its residents is the Austrian ski area Obergurgl-Hochgurgl. According the its inventor Sergey Ignatyev, he's hoping to get his snow electric vehicle out to additional resorts around Europe and North America by pitching it to potential customers at the 2020 ISPO expo. There are also plans for a summer variation in 2020.


  • Fun
  • Easy to drive
  • Easy drifting
  • Swappable battery/extendable range
  • Zero emission
  • Quiet


  • Availability limited to resorts that buy them 
  • Cannot buy for personal use without special request as of writing


Riding on a Bobsla could be a great way to spend time on a ski resort especially when you're hopeless when it comes to skiing or snowboarding. The ride only lasts 15 minutes for €20, which for something that seems to be a lot of fun, may be too short. Bobsla doesn't seem to be available for personal use as of writing. But with enough demand from people trying them on a snow resort, it can be.

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