Bioboards Thorium X4 one of the fastest electric skateboards

One of the fastest electric skateboard

The Thorium X4 by Bioboards is heavy, bulky, and totally insane. The 36.5 lb (16.5 kg) electric skateboard has a top speed of up to 48 mph (77 km/h) and a range of 37 miles (60 km). That's faster and more range than most boards. Even the powerful BajaBoard has a lower top speed at 37 mph (60 km/h) and the popular Boosted board (Stealth) at 24 mph (38.5 km/h).

The 4WD board uses a 3,600 W motor for each of the four wheels (total 14,400 W) allowing it to climb up to 40% hill gradients. There's more than enough power for your daily commute.

It uses a popular downhill deck, the Landyachtz EVO 39 specially adapted to the Thorium, to make the ride stable even at high speeds.

The wheels are Abec 11 Superfly 107mm's. They're huge but makes for a smoother ride,  even on less than perfect road conditions.

The X4 is quite loud though but for something as powerful that may be a good thing as it helps warn pedestrians of your approach.

Gear drive vs hub motor vs belt drive

Most electric skateboards use either a belt drive system or a hub motor system. Both have its strengths and weaknesses.

In a belt drive system the motors are separate from the wheels. Power is transmitted via a system of belt and gear-like pulleys that can amplify the motor torque to the wheels. 

It gives you more power and torque but it requires a little bit more maintenance than a hub motor and can't be pushed when you run out of battery. Belt drive electric skateboards also tend to be quite loud.

A hub motor system replaces the center of the wheel with a motor. They're quiet and you can push the board like a regular skateboard when there's no power. However, hub motor electric boards are less powerful, have less torque, and vibrates more than a belt-drive system.

The X4 on the other hand uses a gear drive system. Like a belt drive system, the motor is separate from the wheels but instead of being connected by a belt, power is transmitted to the wheels via gears. It's more efficient and produces more power than a belt drive system. Gears are also less likely to break than belts and because gear drives are sealed, you don't have to worry about dirt and grit.


  • Top speed:  48 mph (77 km/h)
  • Range: 37 miles (60 km)
  • Weight: 36,5 pounds
  • Uphill: 40%
  • Wheel: Abec 11 Superfly 107mm
  • 4WD
  • 4 x 3,600 W motors
  • 72pcs Samsung 30Q batteries – 120A
  • Gear drive with gear ratio 1: 2.4 in aluminum encapsulated for protection against water, dirt and keep the grease in place.
  • Landyachtz EVO 39 Bioboards edition deck
  • 2pcs Dual Unity that can withstand 80A continuous motor current per motor thus a total of 160A (1 unit can control 2 motors)
  • Truck base: Caliber 2, 44° back and 50° front
  • Truck hanger: Fatboy 230mm – Solid CNC Machined Hanger with titanium shafts
  • Enclosure: Eboosted EVO – made of flexible fiberglass for maximum durability
  • Pivot and bushings: Riptide sports with set: Canon/FatCone in front and Canon/Chubby in rea, 90A or 93A. Pivot: Riptide WFB 96A
  • Remote control: Nano X
  • Bluetooth module: Metr Pro and Built-in Focbox Unity
  • Battery display
  • 4A fast charger included
  • Push to start

Like all Bioboards, the Thorium X4 has been sold out and there are no plans to make more of them. The reason for this according to the company is that they've focusing on making better boards for 2020. Some accessories are still available for sale though.


  • Very fast
  • Powerful
  • 40% hill climb
  • Smooth ride


  • Sold out
  • Loud (con if you need a quiet board)
  • Heavy
  • May be too fast for some


The Bioboards Thorium X4 is one of the fastest electric skateboard on the market. It's so fast it can be a bit scary. It also has good range and rides well. Unfortunately, the X4 is sold out at the time of writing. Not sure why they don't make more of them. Apparently it's because they want to focus on making a better version.

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