UPRIGHT GO 2 Posture Trainer: Transform Your Lifestyle, Stand Tall

Smart, ergonomic, effective, customizable, sleek

Let's talk about posture, shall we? Now, I know what you're thinking. It's not exactly a mouth-watering subject, but hang with me here. Posture is the quiet symphony that plays behind every move we make, every task we perform, every adventure we embark on. When it's off, everything else seems a little sour too. So, I've got something for you that might just hit the right note.

Meet the UPRIGHT GO 2 Posture Trainer. No, it's not a shiny new gadget to bedazzle your friends with or the latest tech toy to brag about. It's something better. It's about the quality of life, confidence, and comfort. And, by the way, it's splash-proof – immune to sweat, rain, and water splashes. Although, do take care with that USB-C port.

This small device, 1.89 inches to be exact, is all about making you feel and look good from the inside out. It's packed with features that seem to be crafted with a sort of quiet intelligence. Two built-in sensors with a gyroscope understand you, sense you, and adapt to your movements. Whether you're sitting, walking, or deep in physical activity, it offers precise training to keep you in the perfect stance.

You can wear it directly on your back or with a sleek necklace that clicks right into your GO 2. The adhesives are light and hypoallergenic, made from medical-grade silicone. The necklace is so comfortable, you wouldn't even know you have it on. You get 10 of those adhesives, a hard travel case, and a USB-C charging cable in the package.

With up to 12 days of training battery life, the UPRIGHT GO 2 doesn't let you down. And it's not just about reminding you not to slouch; it offers 9 advanced feedback plans to correct your posture in real time. Customize the vibration settings according to your mood, health, and daily activity, and you're good to go.

The app is smart too. It syncs your posture data automatically for 30 days. Reconnect to the app, and voila, all your stats are on your dashboard. It gives you daily training intensity setups, letting you be in charge.

What's really got me thinking, though, are the numbers behind this device. Clinically validated by 4 studies, 46% improvement in sitting discomfort, 54% pain reduction, and 86% posture improvement. That's not just words on a screen; that's a new way of life for over 57,000 users.

But let's not just talk facts and figures here. What I see in the UPRIGHT GO 2 is a companion, something that nudges you like a good friend, making you better every day. It's not an overbearing coach or a nagging reminder. It's a subtle, yet powerful push towards a healthier you.

And if you're one for the extra mile, the Pro Kit, priced at $94.99, packs in an UPRIGHT necklace and a palm rest. Ergonomic and durable, they say. Why not give it a try?

So there it is, your new ally in daily life. The UPRIGHT GO 2, for those who wish to stand tall, not just in stature but in spirit. Whether it's a walk through a bustling city or a quiet evening at home, here's to a better, brighter, upright you. It's not just about the body; it's about what you carry within. Stand tall, my friend.


  1. Advanced Sensing Technology: Two built-in sensors with a gyroscope for precise training and accuracy.
  2. Personalized Training: 9 advanced feedback plans and customizable vibration settings according to individual needs.
  3. Long Battery Life: Up to 12 days of training, based on the recommended 3 hours per day, meaning less frequent charging.
  4. Multiple Wearing Options: Includes a stylish and comfortable necklace option, and medical-grade silicone adhesives for wearing directly on the back.
  5. Effective Results: Clinically validated with reported 46% improved sitting discomfort, 54% pain reduction, and 86% posture improvement.
  6. Splash-proof Design: Provides immunity to sweat, rain, and water splashes, offering flexibility in various environments.
  7. Auto Calibration and Syncing: Adapts to the user's current body posture and syncs detailed posture activity automatically.


  1. Not Waterproof: Though splash-proof, care must be taken with the USB-C port, limiting usage in wet environments.
  2. Adhesives Issues with Sweaty Skin: The adhesives may not attach well to sweaty skin and may fall off, restricting its use during intense workouts.
  3. Cost: The price of $79.95 for the basic device and $94.99 for the Pro Kit may be considered steep for some users.
  4. Multiple Usage for Adhesives: The adhesives last up to 10 uses depending on skin type and maintenance, which might necessitate frequent replacements for daily users.

Overall, the UPRIGHT GO 2 Posture Trainer offers a comprehensive and technologically advanced solution for those looking to correct and maintain proper posture. While it does have a few drawbacks, particularly concerning water resistance and adhesive functionality, its pros clearly outweigh the cons for those invested in improving their posture and overall health.


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